11 Ways to Get More Interactions on Instagram

More reach, more reactions, more followers, and of course more customers. These are the most frequently given answers by entrepreneurs to the question of what they actually want on Instagram. And the great thing is that there is one thing that ensures growth in all those aforementioned matters. And that is interaction. Because if you provide more interaction, it will result in more followers, a greater reach, greater involvement, even more reactions, and ultimately in customers.

But how do you ensure more interaction on Instagram? There are countless ways to do this. Below I will share at least eleven tips with you.

More interaction on Instagram: 11 tips

First let me start with some cliché answers. Answers that you have probably heard before, but that you have to do something with to have an effect. After that, there may be some that you may not have heard or read that often.

Post consistently

Post content to your Instagram account regularly. It is of little use – when you are full of inspiration – to post something daily for a week and then be absent for another two weeks. It is much better to distribute your content and be consistent about it. This also ensures that your visibility is not very high in a certain period and nil at other times.

Using hashtags

I am well aware that hashtags are still one of the trickiest things on Instagram. And I admit that I don’t always find it easy for myself. But the fact remains that hashtags can help you increase the interaction. Because by using the right hashtags you will be found better by your target group and they will also respond faster to you. However, the question remains: which hashtags are the right ones? That has everything to do with your industry, your niche, and your target group.

In addition, it is also smart to use popular hashtags (read: popular with your target group), but not too popular. Hashtags that are used in more than 500,000 messages – you can find this information on Instagram itself in the search function – I do not recommend.

Making videos

On Instagram, you can use videos in various ways for your content marketing. You can post a video of a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds in your feed. In addition, you can upload videos longer than 1 minute and up to 15 minutes via IGtv. And you can also use video in your Instagram Stories.

The advantage of posting a video in your feed is that such a video is never longer than 60 seconds and people are more likely to watch it completely. For example, you can give a brief tip, give a look behind the scenes or show how you use a certain product. Please note that when you talk in your video, subtitles are included. Most people watch videos without having the sound on.

Send a personal message

When someone new starts following you, it is always good to take a look at the profile of the new follower and send them a personal message. Every new follower can be valuable and someone who falls under your specific target audience. Therefore, start a conversation without wanting to sell anything, just to get acquainted. Show interest in the other.

Although I have only really started using this tip myself recently, I do notice that it is a nice way of increasing the interaction. Plus it also fits with everything I stand for: personal contact and making connections.

Let followers think along

People always like to be able to think along with others. It makes them feel important. And you know, of course they are. For example, I have sometimes let my followers participate in posting a new profile picture. They could choose from four different photos. I still went for my own feelings, but I thought it was nice to see how my followers thought about it. You can of course also do this with a new product. For example by letting you think about the color or which figure or …

Naming your fans

Another way to get more interaction is by naming your followers. Perhaps they bought a product from you and posted the photo on Instagram? Then share this photo and don’t forget to tag the follower. Or maybe you see that they have used your service by product in a fun and unique way. You can add a post or story to that too.

Start the conversation

When someone responds to your post, it is sometimes very tempting to return a closed answer. For example, when someone gives a compliment, your answer is very quickly “thank you”. And that is it. But what you really want is interaction. So start a conversation with your follower. Therefore, always try to see how you can possibly start a conversation with your answer. This is not always possible or even necessary, but if you always answer with one word, the interaction will quickly die out.

Don’t just share knowledge

Recently I got the direct question from a customer whether I knew why she hardly got any responses to her posts? She always wrote very valuable posts full of tips, but hardly anyone responds. And you may recognize this yourself. You put all your heart and soul into your content, even ask a question, but no one takes the trouble.

The most important tip I can give is that you can be more personal. By simply giving information and especially posting facts and tips, people may be inspired, but they will not be triggered to respond. Of course, you do not have to completely ban this type of content and you can certainly place such an informative post. However, alternate it with posts in which you are a bit more personal. Address the emotion of the other. Sketch a situation in which the other recognizes himself. Then you can still give a tip afterward, but the recognisability ensures that people want to respond faster.

Use Instagram Stories


This tip to increase interaction should of course not be missed. Because the most effective way to get more reactions on Instagram is to use Instagram Stories. The threshold to respond there is much lower. And that is of course due to the use of polls, a quiz, question box or even a slider. People can even reply to a post with a particular emoticon. This action takes the other person very little effort, but it is a sign of interaction for Instagram. And the more interaction Instagram notices on a post or in a story, the greater your reach will become.

Ask questions

In order to enter into a conversation with the other, it is good to ask questions. This also applies to posting an Instagram post and even your Stories. When you only tell and never ask for anything, the other person does not tend to respond quickly. Of course there are always exceptions, but those are often the people who have known you for some time. By asking questions, the other not only gets to know you, but you also get to know the other.

Pay attention to the time of posting

I sometimes make the ‘mistake’ myself. Especially when posting a spontaneous post. Then I absolutely do not look at the time of posting. While that really has a lot of influence on the reach and therefore the involvement of your followers. You will receive fewer responses on a Friday evening than on a Monday morning before 9 am. When your followers are most active, you can simply find it in your personal statistics. In general, however, it is the case that especially in the early morning, at noon and around 9 pm most people are online.


To get more interaction, it is therefore important to take a number of things into account. But the most important thing is to interact with yourself. If you never respond to others, they will not respond quickly to you. Are you someone who always scrolls through your feed for 5 minutes and hands out a heart now and then, then you will see that this happens to you too.