6 Reasons Why You Should Use Social Influencers in Your Marketing

In the constantly evolving online world, the importance of using social influencers for your marketing is increasing. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which a person is used to influence the behavior of a certain group.

These ‘social influencers’ are active on various social media channels. They have a lot of followers here, which allows them to have a great influence. In this blog, we tell you more about the importance and use of these social influencers for your company.

1 | Earned advertising is growing and social influencers are growing in popularity

Research shows that more than 92% of consumers trust earned media, such as word of mouth advertising, more than other forms of advertising. Reviews from others are now considered more reliable than advertisements on the street or online.

Logical of course, someone you know or trust is more likely to believe than an advertisement that you just see.

2 | You reach a specific target group thanks to social influencers

A social influencer influences the behavior and opinions of a certain target group. If you want to promote your product or service to a specific target group, it is therefore important to find an influencer who matches this.

He will then promote your company by means of a photo on Instagram or a blog post. The followers follow the influencer because they are interested in his or her life or get inspiration from it. The promotion is usually in line with the influencer’s life and therefore very effective.

3 | You can enter into various collaborations with social influencers

When you as a brand are going to collaborate with an influencer, there are often two options. A campaign or a long-term collaboration. Campaign-based collaboration is one-off and can be used, for example, when launching a new product.

With a long-term collaboration you really enter into a partnership. Together with the social influencer you come up with good content for the target group. This is pleasant for both the influencer and your company.

4 | You can use influencer marketing in almost all sectors

You may wonder whether the sector in which your company operates is suitable for influencer marketing. Often only the lifestyle industry is seen as suitable.

However, this is different, because influencer marketing can also work well in sectors such as healthcare or bio-industry. For example, social influencers who are mothers are used to promote hospitals that specialize in maternity care, or food influencers are asked to write about organic food.

5 | Use social influencers as covert advertising

However, more and more people are discovering the world of influencer marketing and seeing more and more followers when a post is sponsored. Some influencers nowadays only share paid posts, which makes them more incredible.

Therefore, choose an influencer for your company who is authentic and who mainly shares your own content. You can also think about using a micro influencer. This has fewer followers but is often equal to other, large social influencers in terms of engagement.

6 | You can measure the use of social influencers well

An advantage of using influencer marketing is that the campaigns are measurable. There are all kinds of social media tools that can measure all data from platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Every response, like or conversion is measured and so you can estimate whether the campaign has worked or not.

When setting up the campaign, pay attention to how you proceed after the campaign. Check out our online marketing advice to prevent them!

When using social influencers, take the Advertising Code Committee into account

However, be careful with the use of an influencer and make good agreements. If you do not do this, you will get the Advertising Code Committee after you. This committee supervises so that consumers are not misled.

As a rule, when an influencer is paid for promoting a product or service through social media, this should be clearly stated. This can be done, for example, by adding #spon or #ad or writing a short sentence about this at the bottom of a blog post.

If you fail to do this, a large fine will follow.

So make good agreements when you use an influencer to promote your company. However, when you do this, influencer marketing can certainly pay off!

Would you use social influencers for the marketing of your company?