7 reasons to make your company visible on Instagram

This year, the Instagram app has been around for ten years. And in those ten years, it has evolved into a powerful marketing tool that allows you to increase the visibility of your business. However, not every entrepreneur still understands how important Instagram can be for your company. That is why I list the 7 reasons/advantages of why your company should really be visible on Instagram.

Everyone can be found on Instagram

While there were 4.9 users on Instagram in 2019, the number has now grown to 5.6 million Dutch people. And about half of them use the app every day. It is striking that this growth continues in all age groups and that many companies and brands are also joining. By not being active on Instagram, you are ignoring a large part of your potential customers.

Your customers are on Instagram

And we will respond to that for this reason. Because even if you don’t use Instagram yourself. Your customers are there. And if they are happy with you, they would also like to promote you. If you do not have an account with your company, promoting it will also be difficult. Of course, they tell their neighbor, maybe even the baker. However, Instagram reaches so many more people than just those close to them.

Nowadays you also see that people are more likely to look for a social media account than for a website. When I hear about a company, I first check Instagram to see if this company can be found there. That is my first impression. If I don’t find anything on Instagram, I also sometimes check Facebook. If I find nothing there or a page with little activity, then I’m gone. Then I won’t even look for a website anymore. And with me there are many who do this.

For big and small

Instagram isn’t just for big companies. Of course, they have a whole marketing team behind it that they can effectively make a name for themselves with. But small businesses can also be successful in an effective way. There are even entrepreneurs who have become big because of Instagram. 

Instagram gives your business a face

People like to do business with people. Instagram really gives your company a face. Of course, you have to use the many features in the app. Like Instagram Stories. Via the Stories, you can show a look behind the scenes. Don’t just think about things like how certain products are made and what the office looks like. But also show the person or team behind a company.

Enter into interaction in an accessible way

Do you want to get in touch with your supporters and/or potential customers? Instagram is ideally suited for that. On this mobile app it is very easy to get in touch with others. Liking and responding is very accessible, but the various stickers in the Stories also help. For example, you have a question box where you can put a question above that others answer. You can have them fill out polls. Have quizzes done and much more. In addition, the reactions and likes you receive on your posts also influence the reach you achieve. The more responses, the more visible your company becomes.

Free Marketing

As an entrepreneur, you have something to sell. Whether these are products or services it does not matter. Instagram is therefore a free marketing channel for you. With the right strategy, you don’t even have to put money into advertisements to get a greater reach and to find customers. You can of course do both. Increasing your reach and customer base both organically and through advertisements.

Building a community

Instagram is also a great place to build a community. A community of people you can help and who are your ambassadors. These can be (potential) customers, but also people who simply support you and your company.

All in all, Instagram is a very good place to be as a company. Make sure you immerse yourself in the platform. You know exactly how and what you can use and how you can really connect with your target group. Because that connection ultimately takes care of the majority of your customers.