9 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Instagram Stories

If there is one social medium that I really love it is Instagram. This medium provides an accessible line to my target group where I can really show a lot of myself and my expertise. In addition, the contact you get there is great fun and I have already met many nice people through it. I really use this medium every day, especially Instagram Stories. You can personalize these Stories to your own taste and branding, so that it will always be recognizable to your followers. I will explain exactly how you do that in this blog.

Fonts, or the font

It sounds simple, but it is also often forgotten. The font. Although you can only choose from a number of fonts on Instagram, it is good to choose one or two that you use continuously. I usually use the classic version, but sometimes also the typewriter.

If you create Stories in another app or with another tool, it is also smart to choose only two different fonts. That way you ensure consistency and recognition.

Use of color in Instagram Stories

Also in terms of color use it is smart to use the same colors every time. The most convenient is to choose the colors from your own branding. For example, I have a number of colors that come back everywhere. In my logo, on my website, business cards, quotes for social media and so on. I try to use these colors as much as possible in my Instagram Stories. For example in my font or as a background.

Create templates

You can of course also just create a number of templates in tools such as Canva and Adobe Spark. You then use these templates continuously to share videos and photos, for example. Or to share valuable tips. By always using the same templates, people will recognize your style and you’re branding.

I am very much experimenting with that myself. But I already have a template that I really like. And here I want to make some more of them in the same style. It is good and convenient to alternate with templates in the same style. However, don’t use more than 4 or 5 for this. Otherwise, it will be too much.

Using filters

On Instagram itself, you can also use filters to make your photo or video story more beautiful. When you have taken a photo or put it in it, you can swipe left or right to choose a filter. If you always use the same filter, this can result in recognition.

You can also put a color filter over your photo or video. You do that in the following way. As soon as you have put a photo in your Stories, you can choose the pencil at the top right. Four different icons will appear at the top of which the leftmost one is a pointed pen and the second next to it is a highlighter. You then choose the highlighter.

Then choose the color you want below. This can be one of the colors that are already there, but if you press the pink color with your finger for example, you will see a whole palette of colors that you can choose from. Once you have chosen the right color, press your finger on the photo itself for one or two seconds. The screen becomes transparent. In my case a transparent blue color. You click on the check mark in the top right corner., your color filter is ready.

Your own GIFs

This one is high on my wish list. My own GIFs. I really enjoy using GIFs, but don’t overdo it. You don’t have to put a GIF in every story you make. But now and then it can be a very nice and fun addition or addition.

It is possible to make your own GIFs or have them made. Since I am really not good at this I want to have them made again. Only now just have to think about what kind of GIFs. I already know a number, but if you have any further requests, please let me know. The nice thing about your own GIFs is not only that it is recognizable for your brand. But also that others can start using them and that way you stay top of mind.

Do you have a logo? Then use this and put it in your Instagram Stories at the bottom of your photo or video. You can do this by opening a photo in your stories. Then you go out of the Instagram app and open the app that contains all your photos. On the iPhone this is simply called ‘photos’. You must have already saved your logo in this app. The most convenient is to create a special album for this, otherwise you will have to scroll back for a long time after a while.

After you have found your logo, click on the square with the arrow pointing out at the bottom left and all kinds of options will appear. Including the option “copy”. Click on it and then go back to Instagram. With my iPhone, the photo immediately appears as a sticker and when I click it, it sticks it into the screen itself. You may also have to open the write function and then you can paste. Once your logo is pasted you can resize it or resize it and move it.

Bundle your Stories

What you often see entrepreneurs do, I am also guilty of it myself, is sharing blanks in their Instagram Stories. They see something nice and they share it. Nothing wrong with that, but what has much more effect is bundling your Stories. In other words, make it a real story. If you go to an interesting workshop, do not share a photo of the person who gives it or your notebook in which you have written everything. No, share in advance why you are going there, what you hope to learn and then also tell us if it has helped you and what you will take with you as a lesson. You can divide this over about 3 – 6 Stories that you upload as a bundle. That way the story remains complete.

By bundling your stories and not sharing so much more haphazardly, people will recognize your stories. And the best part is: they are going to look forward to it!

Clear subtitles

You already knew that subtitling your stories and videos is very important. But when you do this, it is also smart to always do it in the same way. For example with the same font and color. This also ensures unity and recognition. In any case, subtitling your Stories is already a landmark. There are still so many entrepreneurs who forget or don’t do this. And that while it is a small effort and yields so much more!

Highlights in style

As a final tip, I would like to point out the highlights. You can bundle your stories, your Stories, by highlighting them. When people want to follow you, they often go to your profile. How nice is it when there are a number of highlights that have the same appearance as your feed and your Stories. Unit. That’s what it’s about. If I can give you one more tip: at least make a highlight with ‘about me’ and one with ‘tips’ that you have given. That way they get to know you immediately, and they also see that you regularly give tips.

Do you have any additions in terms of creative ways or perhaps a question about something? You can leave a comment below or email me. May also.