9 Tips For More Focus And Higher Productivity

Check your mail endlessly, check if you have new followers on Twitter, and view the new statistics in Google Analytics. All very nice, but at the end of the day you don’t feel like you have done the things you wanted to do.

Focus is then what is missing.

If you feel that you are not achieving what you want to achieve, then you may need to improve your focus. A sharp focus will help you achieve more in a shorter time, improve your posture and you will find that you enjoy your work more.

1 | Start your day productively – with a plan

Instead of continuously switching projects and shifting your focus, start your day with a plan. Set your goals. What do you want to have achieved at the end of that day?

2 | Double your productivity with a kitchen timer

Put a clock or alarm on your desk today (this tip has more than doubled my productivity). For example, give yourself 45 minutes to focus on one goal. You will be amazed at how productive you are when you fully focus on one project.

Don’t let anything distract you during the 45-minute block. After these 45 minutes, give yourself the rest and relaxation to start with your next goal.

3 | Throw your computer out the window

Get rid of everything you don’t need. Turn off your phone, unplug the internet, and close the door. You may not be able to go without email or phone all day, but at least try during your focus moments.

Projects other than your focus project distract you, take time and cause a dip in your productivity. You will find that you can do without internet, e-mail or telephone for a while.

4 | Leave nothing “Unread” and do more in the same time

I still catch myself seeing emails passing by, reading them and then clicking ‘make unread’ again to reply to the email at another time. Recognizable?

You read the e-mail, but because you are busy you click on ‘make unread’ again to reply to the message at a later time. What happens then?

Before you reply to the e-mail, read it one more time. So in the end you read the email twice.

Waist of time. Starting today, give yourself set times during the day to reply to your e-mail. Read message?

Reply, forward or delete it. Whatever you do. Never click on ‘make unread’!

5 | Grab your moments

Most people have some times during the day when they are most productive. Try to figure out these moments for yourself. Are you more active in the morning, afternoon or evening?

Make sure you take your energy level into account in your planning. If you know about yourself that you are still bursting with energy in the morning, make sure you plan your biggest projects in the morning.

6 | Work through your break

Relax, I won’t take your break away from you ;-). On the contrary, I’ll give you more breaks.

If you work according to your clock (kitchen timer) then you are productive during your focus moment and relaxed in your rest moment.

Suppose you gave yourself 45 minutes for a project, after those 45 minutes you take 15 minutes of rest. In this moment of rest you ensure that you are relaxed. In your rest, pick up those small tasks that don’t require much effort. You then work on the tasks that have to be completed every day and you load yourself up for the next focus moment.

7 | Take more breaks

Reward yourself. Use your break as a real break. This moment is there to completely relax (so no longer think about work). Take a walk, stretch yourself and enjoy the moment.

8 | Only work at your workplace

If, like me, you work a lot on your laptop, you will have found yourself on the couch. You are half relaxing and half working. The big disadvantage of this is that you don’t really relax, but you don’t really work either.

Only work at your workplace. Do you prefer to concentrate on your work for half an hour and then relax, than with the laptop on your lap and the TV on for an hour.

9 | End of the day? Get a fresh start

Have you been productive and are you, like me, someone who turns his desk into a battlefield? Then use the last ten minutes of your day as a clean-up moment.

You have already been productive, so you can allow yourself those ten minutes to get your desk ready for the next day.

Ready to double your productivity?

Are you ready to get even more out of yourself? How do you ensure that you work even faster?