Advertise on Pinterest? This is What You Should Do First!

Since April this year, it is possible to advertise on Pinterest in the United States. A simple way to attract more visitors to your website, where people can find more information about your products. Before you start advertising on Pinterest, there are some important things to do.

Meanwhile, 80 million people in the United States, and worldwide more than 300 million a month, use Pinterest to find new ideas. Ideas for the next purchase, a completely new interior, a new bedroom, a relaxed holiday destination, a delicious recipe, the latest fashion trends, and so on.

Why Pinterest?

I have been using Pinterest since 2010. As one of the first Pinterest users in the United States, I experienced the power of this visual search engine. Years ago, as an interior blogger, I wrote blogs about interiors and beautiful bedrooms. Images from my blogs were saved on Pinterest not only by myself but also by others.

Now nine years later, my blogs with beautiful bedroom photos are still found and saved thousands of times on Pinterest. In this way, my reach has grown and an average of 1.6 million people see my content every month. The number of clicks to my website has also increased and Pinterest is the number 1 traffic generator for me, after Google. That’s why Pinterest.

Why Pinterest is interesting for entrepreneurs in the bed industry

I regularly talk to entrepreneurs about their online marketing. On Facebook, it is often difficult to get in touch with ideal customers. There is already more interaction on Instagram, but clicking through to the website is minimal and not satisfactory. Does this sound familiar to you and do you want more attention for your box springs, beds, and bedding?

Then it is time to use Pinterest for business.

Sign up for a Pinterest business account

With a Pinterest business account, you get access to interesting statistics and you have the opportunity to promote your products using Pinterest Advertising. Before you start advertising it is important that you do the following things.

  1. Convert your Pinterest account to a business account or sign up for a business account.
  2. Set up your profile and add a profile picture, name, description, website, and location.
  3. Claiming your website, Instagram, YouTube, and Etsy account for Pinterest Statistics.
  4. Sign up for Rich Pins (extended pins) and show important information directly with your pins.
  5. Create signs on which you store images from your website and social media accounts.

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Set up your Pinterest account?

By optimally set up your Pinterest account with the right keyword, actively storing photos of beautiful bedrooms, box springs, beds, and bedding, you give people the opportunity to get to know your company, products, and services. This way you have a good basis and an important step to get to the attention of Pinterest users and your ideal customers.

By promoting your images, your ads will reach thousands of people every day who search in categories and their feeds related to, for example, home decor and bedrooms.

Pinterest offers you the right tools to reach out to people who want to take action when they see your sponsored products that are shown in targeting in search results and pins related to your product.

This way you increase sales in your store, you get more traffic on your website and online action is stimulated.

Do you want to know if Pinterest and Pinterest Advertising is also interesting for your company? Plan a Free 15-minute strategy call and I get you can do what Pinterest for you.

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Why Advertise On Pinterest?

Want to get more out of Pinterest and Pinterest Advertising and boost your business? In addition to actively storing organic pins, Pinterest Advertising will immediately draw your attention to your ideal customers. People use Pinterest to find new ideas, ideas from your company.

  1. People shop on Pinterest. 93% of active pinners say they use Pinterest to plan purchases. 83% of pinners have bought something after seeing a brand pin.
  2. Sponsored Pins have 2-5% higher engagement than Organic Pins. People who interact with Sponsored Pins are 12% more likely to buy from the brand.
  3. Sponsored Pins bring you instant attention compared to organic pins, sometimes taking months to become more visible.
  4. Pinterest Ads are generally cheaper than Facebook Ads.
  5. Sponsored Pins deliver long-term results. So even after your campaigns have ended.

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