11 Benefits of a Business Blog

Why would you blog about your company? Why would you spend time writing pieces that you don’t even get money for? Very simple: because in the end, you do get money for it. Because your customers are increasing. And so your turnover. Read the 11 reasons below why business blogging is good for every business.

1 – Profiling as an expert

This is the most important reason for business blogging. As soon as you provide information and tips about your field, you will soon be seen as an expert. And people like to do business with experts. Just check for yourself. Who do you prefer to hire: an entrepreneur who only has a website with his contact details or someone who – with informative articles – also demonstrates that he is knowledgeable. I knew it.

By blogging for business you not only say how good you are, you just show it. For example, by giving:

  • practical tips
  • examples of assignments you have performed,
  • case studies from customers you have helped
  • information about developments in your field

Your customers will get to know you as a suitable and reliable party with knowledge and experience. Remember, if you don’t tell us what you can do, how can people know about you? For that reason alone, business blogging is a must for every entrepreneur.

2 – Better findable on Google

Scoring in Google is the dream of every entrepreneur who depends on the internet. Blogging is really necessary for this. Because with blogs you can immediately respond to specific search questions that are asked on Google.

It is actually very simple: if you do not answer a certain search question, Google cannot show your site when that question is asked. It is therefore important to answer every possible question from your target group (potential customers). How do you give those answers? You guessed it: in a (business) blog.

Seriously, I often speak to entrepreneurs who would like to be found in Google on certain search terms. But when I ask if they also have a (blog) article on that topic, they look at me glassily. But how can Google ever show you in its results if you don’t write anything about it on your site?

Blogging is ideal for this because you can provide an informative answer to each specific question. For example, I have written very focused business blogs about these questions that are literally asked in Google:

  • Blog post
  • Promote blog
  • Blogging or vlogging
  • Blogging for companies
  • Blog tips
  • How often should you blog
  • Catchy title
  • Catchy introduction
  • Pictures in the blog
  • Writing tips blog
  • Why blogging
  • What blogging about

All different blogs to different questions. And guess what: I am on page 1 of Google with all those blogs and often even on place-1. (Google these terms yourself!)

I’m even at the very top of the blogging search term. How cool is that! Believe me that without business blogs this would never have been successful.

3 – More traffic to your products and services

Blogs increase the chance that visitors will come to your site. After all, they look for information (for example via Google) and you offer it. This also increases the chance that they will then go to your page with products or services.

This can be done in two ways:

  • You place a Call To Action (CTA) in your blog. Although business blogs always provide objective information, you can of course also tell something about your business at the bottom of your blog. Perhaps readers have become so excited about your story that they love to work with you. Why not give them that opportunity? Just like my CTA at the bottom of this blog.
  • They will find your services via your menu bar. Even without CTA, enthusiastic readers will look for what else you have to offer. Most likely you have a tab ‘services’ or ‘webshop’ in your menu structure. You bet they will find it if you have told a good (informative or inspiring) story.

Blogs thus form a springboard to your products or services. What your business is all about. You entice them with a good substantive blog (a tip, a customer case, an interesting interview, etc.) and from that blog, they take a look at your services. Something they probably would never have done without a blog. If they had found you at all without a business blog.

Blogs even ensure that those service pages themselves score higher in Google. For example, my page about workshops also scores well in Google on keyword workshop blogging or blog course. Blogs, therefore, generate more traffic to the pages with which you earn your money.

4 – Probability of PR

Experts are also asked to give their opinion somewhere faster. If you have a business blog with many interesting articles about coaching entrepreneurs, chances are that you will be asked to act in a TV or radio program.

Editors of these types of programs usually just google experts on those topics and if you score high with great blogs, they want your best. You can also be asked for a guest blog faster. Read here how a customer of mine came on the radio through his blog.

5 – You build an audience

Build an audience first – is the winged statement of the modern marketer. By sharing information free of charge, you build an audience that will increasingly appreciate and trust you. With a little luck, they subscribe to your newsletter and then you have a nice contact with them.

If you have a nice offer (training, a discount, a new book), you can make this known to a very large target group. Build trust with your blogs first, then harvest. From trust to treasure!

6 – You build a network

In addition to building an audience, a blog also allows you to establish contacts with like-minded people from your field more quickly. After all, you are no longer an anonymous service provider, but someone who is very clearly visible, with a lot of information and perhaps a strong opinion about the field.

Such a network offers countless openings. Think of partnerships, getting someone’s customers pushed or the possibility for a guest blog.

My blog has increased enormously since I blog about blogging (and I have only been doing this via Blogkracht since 2016). Other entrepreneurs link to my site, I receive requests for workshops or speak at events. It can go fast once you start sharing your knowledge in blogs.

7 – Good for your employer branding

With your blog, you can show what you have as an entrepreneur. In a professional yet informal way. That helps you attract the right employees when you need them. Blogging thus strengthens your employer brand, or your employer brand, without having to buy advertising time.

8 – It sharpens your own thoughts

The nice side effect of blogging is that it also makes you smarter. By blogging regularly you force yourself to think about your field. After all, you profile yourself as an expert, so a half answer is not enough. You will, therefore, have to continue to delve into your field and you will only benefit from it.

In addition, it sharpens your mind and you get new ideas and insights faster. Ideas for other blogs, but also about your business. Maybe you can start a new service on that one topic that has a lot of questions.

With blogging, you not only help the other person but also yourself and your company. That alone is one reason why business blogging is good to do.

9 – It makes you more communicative

It also makes you more communicative because you learn to put your business into words. If you end up in a conversation with a potential customer, it is much easier to explain what you are doing and where your added value lies for them.

You can get to the core faster because you have thought about it more often and have formulated it well. If someone asks me at an event why business blogging is actually so important, I will elaborate on 11 reasons. Because I have already written them down 🙂

10 – You create a substantive business card

During that conversation with that potential customer, you can also respond more quickly to the various questions he asks, because you have undoubtedly already thought about this clearly in a blog. In fact, you can then refer to your blog to read it all.

How powerful is that! Send the person the URL from your smartphone on the spot and you immediately have each other’s contact details. So you do not lose that email address – unlike those business cards that disappear in a mess at home.

11 – You benefit from it for years

If you think that blogging is too much of a time investment, you should realize that with a good blog you can generate traffic for years. A few years ago I wrote blogs for customers who still attract visitors every day. Free, without any extra effort. Those few hours in 2013 have therefore long been recouped.

And also for WebMarkia, I have blogs that keep drawing visitors month after month thanks to a good listing. How about my blog about catchy titles, which I posted on the site in early 2016. Last month I received 2000 visitors for that. In one month, for one blog. And if you know that 95% of that came through Google, you understand how important business blogs are in combination with good findability.