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9 Blog Writing Apps Every Blogger Should Have

Many entrepreneurs still see writing blogs as a necessary evil. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to get a blog on the digital paper, and then the next date for a fresh blog is already on the agenda. Difficult! You can make things a little easier on yourself in several ways. This way you can use apps.

Do you ever have a genius inspiration in, for example, the train or are you unsure about the spelling of a word? Nowadays we have apps for everything, so also for these things! In this blog, we give you 16 useful apps for writers like you.

Why Use Writing App?

Sometimes you have no inspiration at all or you suddenly have an idea while, for example, you are walking the dog. Everyone has a smartphone these days, so a number of functional apps for writers always come in handy. You can immediately start writing, writing or sharing if you have your smartphone with you.

Apps that simplify blogging

We have found a number of apps that make business blogging just that bit easier. Below you will find an overview of 5 apps that you can definitely try out if you also have trouble writing and publishing business blogs.

1. Post Planner

There is a lot involved in business blogging. You should not only write a blog but also publish it and of course, promote it via social media. Post Planner is an ideal app to assist you in this process. You can easily find all content on Facebook and Twitter, but the app also helps you with planning social media posts and with the posting itself. You can find the best-presented content on social media, so you never have to search for the ideal post or tweet to pick up on. For example, the app can help you create a blog that really goes viral.

2. LinkWithin

LinkWithin is a WordPress plugin and therefore not available to everyone. Because the vast majority of companies have a WordPress site, we have chosen to include this app in the list. The plugin is ideal for automatically placing thumbnail images and links to related posts in your blog. You can choose to display separate blog pages, but a link to a home page is also an option. Excellent for building a strong link building structure.

3. Evernote

Evernote. Yes, who doesn’t work with it? Most people have heard about Evernote at least once and that shows how well known this app is. But do you also know that Evernote can help you when it comes to your business blogs? Many people endlessly surf the Internet in search of new topics for blogs. During that search, they wonder why there is nothing to make capturing information easier. Tadaa! There is Evernote. This app helps you to capture information, but also to synchronize it with all other devices. This gives you access to the collected information anytime and anywhere and you can use it whenever you want.

4. Feedly

Where can you find the most inspiration for new blogs? Right, in previously written blogs! There are probably endless blogs that are interesting for your industry. These blogs can inspire you, but how do you keep up with all that? That’s what Feedly is for. You can easily subscribe to all relevant blogs and the content of these blogs is aggregated in Feedly. So you no longer have to check all blogs, but you can easily see everything in one app. That saves a lot of time!

5. Drive

“I used to” email photos I wanted on Instagram to myself, then saved them back to my phone. This can, of course, be easier and since I use Drive, everything is much faster. You can save photos via your laptop and then quickly and easily “grab” them on your phone. I also use Drive for my invoices. When I see that an invoice has been paid, I drag it to the correct folder within a few seconds and keep an overview.


If your blog is your business, chances are you have to / want to keep track of your hours. Keeping is the most amazing time tracking app (and website) in my opinion. It is free and works simply and efficiently. You have everything you need in the app and no complicated redundant features, I’m a fan.


Do you promote your blogs on Facebook? Then you can use an app that helps you to make the promotion successful. You have NetworkedBlogs for that! This app automatically promotes the blog and provides the necessary advertising to properly promote your blog.


I have only been using this app for a short time so I do not know all the possibilities yet, but I like it. IFTTT lets you link apps the way you want. For example, you can ensure that all photos you post on Instagram are also saved in your Dropbox. Or that the photos you put on Instagram are also posted on Pinterest. There are really many possibilities that make your online work just a little more efficient.

9. WordPress

If you keep your blog through WordPress, the app is ideal. You can quickly approve, respond, and correct any spelling mistakes. Blogger also has an app, which I found not very practical.

Blog and social media help!

Is it really not possible to write blogs, or is the writing going, but you can’t manage to promote your blogs effectively via social media? Then we are happy to help you. We can take over the writing of your blogs, but we also offer you the necessary social media training if you want to continue doing it yourself. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.