How to make Catchy title

5 Way to Create a Catchy Introduction For Your Blog

It is the most underrated part of a blog: the introduction. If you finally have a reader on your blog, immediately chase it away with a vague, tedious and messy start. Sin. Because a catchy introduction is crucial to retain your reader. I explain why this is so important and how you then make a catchy introduction with my handy  High Five Formula.

Those who do not give a good result on their catchy title still lose the reader. And that’s annoying for two reasons:

  • Your blog is not being read. And that’s what blogging is all about. You have realized a page view because people clicked on your blog, but that page view is not a real reader and therefore not a potential customer.
  • You sink into the Google results. If a reader comes to your blog via Google, but immediately clicks away, it is a signal to Google that the search was not good. Research has shown that this causes Google to drop blogs into the results. And that’s the last thing you want.

Note that not everyone will be interested in your blog, and they don’t have to.

So if someone drops out based on the content of your blog, there is nothing wrong with that. But it is incredibly a shame if your blog is interesting in terms of content for someone who subsequently does not know that because he has never progressed beyond the first sentence.

To ensure that your target group does not drop out immediately, you need to make sure it knows where it stands quickly. That’s why I came up with the High Five Formula to take care of that.

And the great thing: it always works, for every blog.

High Five Formula

The premise of the High Five Formula is that the first paragraph of your blog is never longer than 5 sentences. Shorter is allowed, but longer is not recommended.


Readers prefer long texts. Research has time and again demonstrated. 2000 word blogs often outperform short blogs.

But… that is only when readers are convinced of the importance of the blog.

Until then, they are just as impatient as a 5-year-old with a pile of presents in front of him. What’s in it!?

A reader, therefore, wants to quickly know where he stands and what to expect. So he does not want to struggle through a lengthy introduction and then conclude that that blog is not what he was looking for.

This is the time of the fast internet. The time of the smartphone, reading blogs in the cash register, or while your kids just slide down the slide. The time of thousands of blogs to choose from. In addition to your mail, the messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever new social media hype.

So speed is required to convince your reader to read. Five sentences are, therefore, the max. In those five sentences, you can tell exactly what your blog is about and why they should read more.

If you struggling to generate content ideas or content research for your blog feel free to contact me, I’m ready to help you.

And to make your introduction extra attractive, it also helps if you follow these 5 extra tips:

1 – Be concrete

Make it immediately clear what your blog is about. An introduction is called an introduction for nothing. You hereby introduce your blog. So tell what the reader can expect. Think for example of sentences such as:

  • In this blog, I give 10 reasons to quit smoking.
  • Always wanted to know how to make cheesecake yourself? I’ll explain it step by step below.

Be as concrete as possible. Anecdotes are fun and storytelling may be hip, but you run the risk that your reader is already gone before you can tell why he should continue reading.

Unless you are a master storyteller who drags the reader into your anecdote. But that talent is not granted to every blogger. If you have a nice personal story that you do not want to remember the reader and that supports your story very well, just put it in your second paragraph. The chance that it will be read is much greater.

2 – Help the reader

To fascinate the reader directly, it is smart to respond to the possible problems or objections that he has. And with which you are going to help him. This makes it easier to see the need to continue reading.

  • Does your paint always drip during painting? Uncalled for. With these five handy tips you will learn to paint like a professional.
  • Do you recognize this: you would like to blog, but don’t know what. I’ll give you 3 strategies to come up with topics your readers are waiting for.

A good way to immediately clarify the potential problem your reader is facing is to start your introduction with a question.

  • Do you always get hungry when you are under stress?
  • Do you hate writing a blog? Don’t you know how to start? Then this step-by-step plan is for you. In 10 simple steps, you will have your next blog ready in no time.

3 – Stimulate with a bold statement

Instead of a question, you can also excite the reader with a striking or bold statement. So you have him immediately on the lesson. How about these catchy opening sentences:

  • Those who sleep too little die earlier.
  • Women are smarter than men.
  • Everyone can sing.

Of course, those opening sentences must fit your story.

4 – Make a promise

Everyone wants to get something. That 5-year-old wants his presents, but adults also always want something. A bigger house, more sales, a slimmer waist.

So give the reader a positive outlook. What can he achieve when he reads your blog?

  • After reading this blog you will never be afraid of topics again.

5 – Make it easy

As with a catchy title, it helps not to make the prospect too difficult. So use it in your catchy introduction as easy, simple, fast, director in no time.

  • I explain in 5 easy steps how you can get rich quickly

If you take these 5 points into account and your attractive introduction does not exceed 5 sentences, you will not only get clicks on your blog but also visitors who read on. That makes it a lot more likely that they will end up with your call-to-action, where you offer your product or service (or something else that your company can grow through). In this way, a catchy introduction ultimately leads to more customers.

If you struggling to generate content ideas or content research for your blog feel free to contact me, I’m ready to help you.