Email Marketing Tricks For Cheeky People

Email marketing tricks, I love it. Not that I ever use them myself, because I don’t think that’s neat. And I don’t dare. But I can’t help but admire it in others.

I don’t just get that with email marketing. Also, with smart social media tactics. At Instagram pods. At LinkedIn pods. With all those things, actually. I keep a list, even, of clever things that I would never use myself.

Take email newsletters for example.

Until recently I was under the assumption that it was a coincidence that sometimes I got an e-mail newsletter twice with the second one something like ‘Error… excuses’ or something. That they had forgotten something, or that there was an error in the text that was insurmountable.

Until I heard from smart people on Twitter that these are not mistakes but tactics. It will of course stand out in your inbox if you give it a good title. And you can repeat your offer from the previous newsletter. And curiosity wins: what was so wrong with the previous one? A great excuse to send your mailing list not 1 but 2 newsletters within 24 hours.

Today I got one from an American LinkedIn expert that I follow. He’s doing nice, those newsletters. I mainly follow him to see how he is doing as an author and expert.

Today I had tossed his newsletter unopened without even scanning the title. But there was another email from his hand. It was called ‘Correction on that 200 USD advance’. That grabs the attention!

In his last email, he was apparently talking about a friend lucky enough to get a huge advance on his book. Only he had forgotten 3 zeros. He spent 2 short paragraphs on it. And the third, longer paragraph, was about his new masterclass. ?

Trick 1: pretend you accidentally made a mistake.

Trick 2 also just hit my inbox. So I was busy deleting a very long list of emails without having read them. I can do that easily because I use a paid tool called SaneBox. He puts all newsletters for me in a special folder. So that I can decide to skip it, read it quietly when I have time or like today to throw it all away in one go.

But while I selected all emails to be thrown away, I read ‘Missed training’. I thought, ‘huh?’. Only when I went back to see what it was about done I see that it was not the title of the email but the sender!

When I clicked on the sender to see who it belonged to, I didn’t recognize the email address. It’s about a way to score as an author on Amazon, but I don’t know at all which mailing list this belongs to. In fact, I have never signed up for such a mailing list. So I suspect someone else resold my address.

Trick 2: adjust your email address so that it stands out!

Smart, you know. It does stand out. And the text was also catchy, with a modern layout, with a nice reminder that you can watch the ‘training’ (the webinar?) Until Sunday evening. All Cialdini principles are touched and processed, to make the reader click completely unconsciously.

If you have made such an important piece of content (a video of training, with undoubtedly an offer), then you have to make the most of it. I totally understand.

The most difficult thing about email newsletters and other email marketing is not: what do I write in my newsletter. The hardest part is: how do I get the recipient to open my newsletter?

I’m not a star in it, I admit, those titles. I sometimes check my statistics to see what works for my subscribers but to really spend a lot of time on it, no.

But still. I understand the tricks. You cannot apply them continuously, but used sporadically it works like a train, I suspect.

Sometimes I wish I was a bit bolder. But I am not. And, I realize more and more that I am who I am is the reason I have the clients I have. The people who fit my way of training, of marketing, of sharing knowledge.

Fortunately. I also don’t have to change my sender’s name and pretend I’m making all those EXPRESS mistakes!