Blogging Regularity

7 Tips for More Focus and Regularity on Blogging

Blogging more often? I give you 7 tips for more focus and regularity. Is your good intention to blog more often? But can you use a helping hand? I’ll do that. Because my intention is to turn as many entrepreneurs as possible into good bloggers. That’s why I’ll give you 7 easy ways to blog more often below.
First of all: very good that you want to blog more often. After all, blogging is and remains the most powerful way for entrepreneurs to gain publicity for their company and more traffic to their website.

Because despite the fact that thousands of blogs are written every day, thousands of people are still looking for information and inspiration every day. If you can offer it and ensure that your blog is found, you are a great buyer and you can play the spotlight for many new customers. Something that is difficult to do without a blog – unless you want to spend a lot of money on expensive advertisements. But we prefer to do it for free, right?

If You don’t have enough time to manage your blog, I’m here to help you, I have a team we can easily handle your blog, Don’t be hesitate feel free to talk with me, I’m ready to help you.

Now my 7 tips for more focus and regularity to ensure that you can really start writing more blogs this year. Because one blog is not a blog.

1 – Don’t be too ambitious

The greatest danger of all good intentions is an unrealistic goal. Exercise every day, never eat sweets again, save a thousand euros a month. It is possible, but many of these promises fail before they start because they are a bit too ambitious. As a result, they are completely thrown overboard and nothing remains.

The same goes for blogging. If you struggled to write blogs last year, it’s not a good idea to set over-enthusiastic goals of three blogs a week or more now. Even one blog per week is not always smart to do. Start slowly. Better one blog per month than three blogs in the first week of January and then three months nothing.

Or as my tile wisdom holds: rather 1 blog of gold than 10 in the cloud. 🙂

Question of conscience: how many blogs have you written in the past year? Was it more or less than ten? Would you have been happy if you had made 12 blogs in 2019? This is the case for many entrepreneurs. If that’s the case for you, just start with one blog per month. You can look back with satisfaction at the end of 2020.

And one blog per month is really doable for everyone. Especially if you put the following tips into practice.

2 – Make a list of topics

One of the biggest barriers to blogging is the lack of topics. If you don’t know what to blog about yet, how tempting is it to get behind your computer? Not very much to me.

I myself notice that it is much easier if I know well in advance what I want to blog about. So it helps to have a list of possible topics ready.

So do not start your resolutions with a blog, but with a brainstorming session about blog ideas. Find a place in your house where you can sit undisturbed and where your creativity is stimulated. Grab a blank sheet, a pen, and a large carafe of water (to keep your brain supple) and start brainstorming freely.

I always sit in a coffee shop myself. Just out of my regular workplace works wonders with creativity. Two lattes and a few glasses of water further I often have ten concrete blog ideas on paper. For many bloggers enough to blog for half a year.

3 – Start a newsletter

Deadlines work like crazy. I am also someone who works just a little bit harder when I have to. If you want to force yourself to write a blog every month, start a newsletter promising your readers to send a blog every month (rather call it: tip).

Preferably send that newsletter at a fixed time, to make it even less non-committal. Such as the first Wednesday of the month, the last Thursday or third Tuesday. I recently heard from someone who always sends his newsletter promptly at noon on the first Monday of the month. So during the air alarm. That’s another powerful email notification!

But it doesn’t matter what time it is, as long as you communicate it in advance, so that your readers wait for it and you have to.

Of course, most readers will not really wait for it, because they have a thousand other things on their mind. But there are always a few readers who really expect your newsletter. And in order not to disappoint them (and just to be consistent with your own promises) you should send a blog that day.

Sometimes that means you’re writing like crazy the night before, or only the next morning ( been there, done that ), but that doesn’t matter. It immediately shows that you can get more out of your time than you think. See also the next point.

4 – Watch less TV

“I don’t have time to blog.” It is the most heard argument. why people do not blog. Now I immediately believe that entrepreneurs are busy and that many of you really work more than forty hours. And then sometimes also have a busy family life.

But I also know that many people still watch television on average three hours a day. Three o’clock! That is a lot. I write an average blog in three hours (including fine-tuning and posting on the site). So all those people could write a blog a day if they left the TV right away.

I understand that it does not apply to you and that you really do not watch TV for three hours a day. But do you honestly check how many hours? And whether it is really all that much more important than working on the reputation of your company.

If You don’t have enough time to manage your blog, I’m here to help you, I have a team we can easily handle your blog, Don’t be hesitate feel free to talk with me, I’m ready to help you.

5 – Start with enumerations

The easiest blog form out there is that of the list. Like this blog. The advantage is that you don’t have to think about the shape. You just have to come up with a few points (tips, ways, blunders, steps, trends, etc) for a particular topic and work them out step-by-step. Catchy introduction to it, the catchy title above and ready.

6 – Don’t be to the perfectionist

Perfectionism is the wreck of all business plans. One of the qualities that successful entrepreneurs have in common is that they dare to make mistakes. Remember that again if you go back to writing a blog again, because you think it should be a masterpiece or that your entire esteem and self-esteem depends on it.

And perfectionism is not necessary for anything. Certainly not with blogging. Blogging is just such a wonderfully informal form of writing where you don’t have to think about too many guidelines. Of course, your blog should be understandable and it is wise to stick to a few writing rules.

But otherwise, you just have to ensure that you offer value with your blog. That you write because you know something from your field that you want to share with others from your passion. Just like you do in a conversation during a network drink, but then on paper.

Seriously: blogging is almost the same as talking. And as long as you are not afraid to open your mouth and do not think every sentence you say ten times, you can also blog.

7 – Just start

In line with the previous point, the last and perhaps most important tip applies: just start. Remember that no one sees you at all as long as you have not yet published the blog.

Only when you are completely satisfied and if you have had the blog read by someone for some feedback, do you post it? What you can talk to (see the previous point) can sometimes throw things out that you can no longer reverse, as a blogger you can play around what you want in your own safe environment.

In fact, even if you did press publish and you see a mistake later, you can easily adjust it. In that respect, blogging is much more relaxed than writing for print media (I remember how stressed I was when I brought my first book to the printer – fortunately, as a blogger, I no longer have that worry.)

So you can start freely without anyone knowing about it. And then you will see that it is not too bad.

Good luck!

If You don’t have enough time to manage your blog, I’m here to help you, I have a team we can easily handle your blog, Don’t be hesitate feel free to talk with me, I’m ready to help you.