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45 Ways to Get More Audience to Your Blog

I give a tip to get more readers to your blog. I don’t tell you how old I got 😉


Write topics your customers are waiting for.

  1. Conduct research among your customers and ask what they run into or would like to know more about
  2. Google your field to see what are popular blog topics now (and make a better blog)
  3. Use Google Suggest or Ubersuggest (see video below) to see what your target audience is looking for
  4. Make it even more specific with the answerthepublic.com super tool
  5. Search Google ‘s keyword planner to find out how often a search term is searched.
  6. Keep an eye on the trends in your field. If you’re the first to blog about something, you’ll get more readers (and you’ll score high in Google faster)
  7. Make lists. Yes, I know everyone is doing it, but for a reason: they work very well because readers love it.
  8. Have an interview with a customer or expert, because the person will certainly share the interview with his network!

To write

Stimulate with a catchy title, but also ensure that people read on afterward (and are invited to come back again):

  1. Make your blog title concrete so that readers immediately know whether your blog is suitable for them
  2. Make an attractive promise in your title
  3. Make that promise at your fingertips with words like ‘easy’, ‘fast’ and ‘simple’
  4. Stimulate your title with a bold statement
  5. Never make your introduction longer than five sentences
  6. In your introduction, explain in concrete terms what your blog is about (it is not called ‘introduction’ for anything)
  7. Do not make block text of your blog text
  8. Use paragraphs of no more than 7 sentences (no longer pleasant to read on mobile – see also point # 42)
  9. Use at least 1 image in your blog (Google also appreciates this!)


Not all your customers are in the same places on the internet. So share your blog in as many ways as possible.

  1. In any case, share your blog on the main Social Media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  2. Feel free to share one blog a few times. But not close to each other and always with a different approach.
  3. Ask specific questions in your Facebook and LinkedIn message so that people respond and your message ends up in their timeline
  4. Share your blog in the comment fields of other blogs on the same topic
  5. Share your blog on forums about your field
  6. Do not only put a link to your blog on social media, forums, and other blogs but also give away some value here
  7. Put share buttons on your blog so that readers can quickly share it in their network
  8. Ask the readers directly if they want to share your blog (“did you find this blog interesting, please share it among your network”)
  9. Dare to advertise on social media every now and then. For a few $ you increase all your reach.


Build a file of newsletter subscribers. It is an ideal way to bond with your audience. Even if they don’t read all your blogs, you will remain top-of-mind.

  1. Send your newsletter at a fixed time so that they don’t get the feeling of being spammed. For example every Tuesday or every first Friday of the month
  2. Do not paste your entire blog in the mail, but stimulate with a short text to click through.
  3. Put a clear form on every blog where readers can sign up for your newsletter (not just on your homepage, because it is often skipped)
  4. Do not call your newsletter a ‘newsletter’, but say that you send tips or keep them informed of the latest news/trends/developments
  5. Don’t shy away from a pop-up to get more subscribers, but opt ​​for a customer-friendly variant


Make sure your blog can be found by Google. It gives you readers who may not have known you at all and can benefit from one blog for years.

  1. Focus on specific search terms instead of general ones (not: ‘title’ but ‘make up a catchy title’)
  2. Put your search term in the URL of your blog
  3. Put your search term in the title of your blog
  4. Put your search term in the first 100 words of your blog
  5. Put your search term in the last 100 words of your blog
  6. Make sure that other websites link to your blog, that is very important to Google (read how to get more links to your blog  )
  7. Also, refer to other sites in your blog. That other site will now also get to know your blog and that may yield a link in return. In addition, Google appreciates that blogs are well-founded (and therefore offer quality).
  8. Be as complete as possible about your topic ( long blogs score better than short ones )
  9. Create a powerful meta description, so that readers click through from the Google results


  1. Place links from one blog to your other blogs so that they get extra attention and readers stay on your site
  2. Make sure your blog is legible on mobile. Almost half-read it that way and that number is only increasing. And Google also appreciates this.
  3. Also, pay attention to the speed of your blog. A slow site scares readers (and again Google!). Check your speed here.
  4. Make a video blog. You can also be found on YouTube, which increases the reach of your other blogs.
  5. Keep blogging! Fresh content will attract new visitors and your older blogs will also get more readers. And you remain top-of-mind with your target group.

Did you find these tips interesting? Then share them with your network so that they also learn from them (and I get more readers again ;-))