How to Make a Perfect Pinterest Profile for More Traffic to Your Website

With a perfect Pinterest profile, you not only increase traffic to your website, but it is also the ideal way to increase your reach and the number of followers. Have you been active on Pinterest for more than a year but do not notice any difference in extra visitors to your website? Then this blog post is for you. Read on and discover my tips so that you also increase your reach, fame, number of followers, and more traffic to your website.

After Google, Pinterest has been my favorite platform that brings the most visitors to my website for years. By actively and optimally using all the possibilities you have with Pinterest, I get more visitors to my website every day. Let’s start at the beginning and I will explain step by step how to set up your perfect Pinterest profile.

A few Pinterest facts for you in a row

► Every month 200 million people are active on Pinterest. 200 million! That is 40% more people on Pinterest than last year
► 93% of the pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases
► 67% of the pinners say they have discovered a new brand or product via company content on Pinterest
► 1 in 2 pinners made a purchase after seeing a sponsored pin (not yet available in the Netherlands).

The opportunity for you and your company to inspire and motivate people. Show people what you have to offer, what you sell, what you do and why your brand is so important.

Set up your perfect Pinterest profile

This is my Pinterest profile. This is also the first thing pinners see when they visit my Pinterest profile. It is therefore extremely important to organize your Pinterest profile as perfectly and optimally as possible.

Open a business account

Start from the beginning and absolutely make sure you have a Pinterest business account if you don’t already have one. With a business account, your profile looks professional and you get access to Pinterest statistics. With these statistics you can see which pins are popular, have the most repins and have more click-throughs to your website.

Signing up for a Pinterest business account is 100% free and can be arranged in a few minutes.

Add keywords to your company name

Your perfect Pinterest profile starts with optimizing your (company) name. Now that you have a company account, it is important to add relevant keywords.

Go to “Settings” and go to “Edit profile”. Then add relevant keywords to “Display name”. In this way people immediately see who you are and / or what you do.

Your company name on Pinterest can also be found in the search results of Pinterest. This way you give people the opportunity to find your profile. So make sure you’ve added the right and most relevant keywords for you. For example, if you are an interior blogger or a social media specialist, add this next to your company name.

Optimize the description of your bio

Your perfect Pinterest profile also needs a great profile description. Your bio. Pinterest gives you 160 characters to write your bio. Again it is important to use the right (search) words for a short but powerful bio.

Use your bio strategically and write clearly who you are and what you do. Don’t turn around. Be honest and transparent. You don’t have to use hashtags. Pinterest helps you based on the keywords you use and shows your profile to your target audience.
Add a hashtag if you want to promote your company or brand.

Call To Action

Add a Call To Action (CTA) if, for example, you want to promote your training or newsletter. I like it (useful if you don’t have that much space left) to add my email address. This makes it even easier for people to contact you.

My Pinterest bio: A Professional Freelance Digital Marketing Strategist, Help Any Kind of Blog or Small Business Promotion, Sales, and Lead Generating Through Online Marketing.

Add your location and link to your website


An easy way to get more traffic to your website is of course by adding the link to your website. Pinterest clearly shows your link, so make the most of it.

You connect with people in your area or with your ideal target group by adding your location. Show in which part of this globe you live. I personally think it is a missed opportunity if your place of residence is missing from your profile on Pinterest and social media channels.

Add your city in your profile. Show that you are open to contact with people from your environment. It may also be an extra motivation for potential customers to purchase your services from you.

Your profile picture is extremely important. It gives your Pinterest account a face. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your profile. Provide a clear, clear, and recognizable profile picture. So no unclear selfie or a picture of you in the bathroom!

Do you really want to stand out and increase your awareness? Upload to Pinterest and your social media channels the same profile picture. This way people recognize you at a glance.

Do you have a webshop and do you sell products? Do you have a company or brand where you work with several people? Upload the logo of your company or brand. The perfect way to get noticed by your customers and fans.

Relevant titles for your plates

An important part of a perfect Pinterest profile is your Pinterest boards. So let’s take a look at your board titles. Coming up with cute board titles can be a fun activity, but if people see your boards and it is not immediately clear what you are doing, they will quickly disappear.

It is therefore important that you include the right keywords in your board title.
Yes ► “Blog Tips” or “Website Tips”
Not ► On My Blog

With a number of small but important adjustments, you make your Pinterest profile perfect and findable for other people. Pinterest is not a social media channel but a visual search engine. It’s up to you to deal with it and add relevant keywords to your profile, boards, and pins.

Do you already have a perfect Pinterest profile?