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9 Way Keep Your Audience on Your Blog Longer and Rank in Google

It is an open secret that Google has an oblique look at the time that readers spend on your blog. The longer readers stay, the better your blog apparently answers their search query. And that is appreciated by Google. Which makes you higher in the rankings. I, therefore, give you 9 tips to ensure that readers stay on your blog longer.

1 – Write valuable blogs

Of course, it starts with writing good, valuable blogs. That’s the best guarantee that readers will stick to your digital lips and keep reading until the end. So don’t make it too easy and really provide the very best information about the topic you describe in your blogs. Need tips for creating a good blog? You can find them in blog making – the complete guide.

2 – Write long blogs

Yes, haha, simple. If you want them to stay longer, just make your blog longer. Of course, that helps, but then you have to make sure that you continue to offer value in all those extra words. Anyone can talk a little, it’s about saying something sensible. But often that goes hand in hand. Because if you want to give a good and complete answer to the question from your visitor, your blog will automatically be longer than that of someone who can easily get rid of it.

But remember: it’s not about the length, it’s about the quality

3 – Make your text scannable

I see them so often: blogs that come to me like a wall of words. No paragraphs, no blank lines, no subheadings. I will immediately be back, how valuable that blog might be. If you want to prevent that, make sure your text looks nice. That it is legible and above all scannable. You do this by:

  • Short paragraphs no longer than 7 lines (prefer shorter due to the mobile reader )
  • Blank lines between paragraphs
  • Subheadings every 3 to 4 paragraphs
  • Enumerations if possible (this is now even an enumeration about enumerations in an enumeration!)

4 – Make a short introduction

Readers want to read long blogs, but then they have to be sure that the blog is interesting for them. You explain that in the introduction and you should not waste too many words on that. 

If you struggling to promote your blog feel free to contact me, I’m ready to help you.

5 – Add video

Did you make a video on the subject: add. If the reader is going to look at it, he will be a few minutes away and will be on your page longer.

6 – Add infographics and other search graphics

What applies to video, of course, also applies to pictures that the reader keeps looking at for a while. Think of infographics or other search images such as graphs, tables, screenshots. In any case, they make your text more attractive and clearer, which in turn benefits the value and the reading time.

But it could be even smarter:

7 – Use shake words

No matter how beautiful, lively, and interesting your blog is, people can still doze off after a few paragraphs. If you want to shake them up and get them back to class, use shaking words. These are words or phrases that you put in between to add value to the rest of the content. Think of phrases like:

  • How is this possible?
  • Do you want to know how this is possible?
  • But it gets even better:
  • Pay attention:
  • Now it gets really interesting:

Or as I wrote above this bullet: but it could be even smarter. Say honestly: were you triggered when you read it?

8 – Ask for responses

At the end (or in the meantime), ask visitors to leave a comment (a comment, a question). The more time they spend on it, the longer they stay on your site. See also my question below.

In any case, Google appreciates comments among blogs, because they say something about the interaction, the readability and therefore the value of your blog.

9 – Use Internal links

This sounds a bit crazy in a blog that aims to keep your reader longer. Because links do ensure that readers click away?

That’s right, but it still works. For Google.

You should know that Google is not so much looking at the time that someone is on your blog, but at the time that someone stays away from the search results.

If someone finds your blog on Google and clicks on it, Google wants to know if your blog is suitable. If that visitor quickly clicks on the back button to continue searching in Google, this is a signal to Google that your blog is not interesting. 

But if the person lingers for a long time or does not return at all, your blog was probably valuable. This is called dwell time (also read the clear explanation about this on Wordstream )

Therefore, if people click on your site after or while reading your blog, they will not return to Google and will stay away even longer. They may no longer be on your blog but look no further. Today… your blog turned out to be valuable in the eyes of Google.

Now internal links provide even more benefits, so always do!

The latter link links to a blog that has another video. And so I hope you stay on my blog for a long time. 🙂

What is your best read blog?

You can measure how long readers stay on your blog in Google Analytics. After all, the Average Time On Page is behind each page.

If you struggling to promote your blog feel free to contact me, I’m ready to help you.

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