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5 Marketing Tips to Apply For Your Blog in 2020

Do you make little or no use of social media? Do you want more visitors to your website with Pinterest? Are you really going to start blogging? Or is writing not your forte, but is recording a video something you do easily? 2019 is here. A great opportunity to look back, but also to look ahead. Thinking about your marketing activities for the new year to get more people on your website and in your store.

Whatever you do, think, and define a new strategy to get you off to a great start in 2019. Inspire and motivate people looking for a good night’s sleep to visit your website and store.

Online Marketing Tips for the New Year

To inspire you, I have 5 marketing tips for you to apply in your company, on your website and social media channels.

1. Start with Pinterest

If you’re not already active on Pinterest, now is the time to start. Pinterest is a visual search engine that brings additional visitors to your website. At the moment Pinterest is one of the most underrated websites and is often seen as a social media channel. People go to Pinterest to get ideas for a future purchase. For you the chance to respond to this so that you get more visitors to your website and extra sales for free. Now delve into Pinterest because it’s really worth it.

2. Determine your Social Media Strategy

You probably use social media for your company. Are you still doing this successfully? With the constantly changing algorithms, you also have to adjust your strategy. Redefine your social media strategy and create great content to get even better and attract the attention of your ideal customer.

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3. Start blogging

Now is the time to finally add a blog to your website. If you don’t have time or are not good at writing, hire someone who writes good quality blogs. Blogging is the ideal way to share your expertise and experience in sleeping and inspiration for your bedroom. People gain confidence and blogging helps you to be better found in Google.

4. Update your branding

When was the last time you reviewed your branding? Does your corporate identity still suit your company or could it use an update? Perhaps now is the perfect time for a makeover. It is important to think about who you are as a company, what you stand for and how you want to come across to your ideal target group. Update your branding and apply it consistently in your communication online – website, social media, Pinterest – and offline – stationery, order forms, office supplies, etc.

5. Build better relationships

One of the most important things you definitely have to spend time on is maintaining contact with your (future) customers. Interact with people who respond to your messages on social media. Respond to responses and answer questions. Connect with people who are looking for a good night’s sleep. This way you stay in mind – top of mind – and they visit your store as soon as you want to buy a new bed or mattress.

Good luck with applying these marketing tips in 2020.

Which tip do you get started right away? Share your answer in the comments.