Hashtag for Pinterest

Hashtags on Pinterest: Here’s What You Must Know

Pinterest is all about finding inspiring ideas that you can then save on boards on your Pinterest account. Ideas that come from companies like yours. To make your content stand out in people’s timeline and appear in searches, you can use hashtags on Pinterest, for example.

Pinterest is an ideas platform, a visual search engine that millions of people worldwide use every day. If you want to bring your website, products, and services to the attention of your ideal customer, it is smart to add Pinterest to your marketing strategy.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word (or multiple words with no spaces between them) with a hash (#) in front of it. A hashtag is used on various social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is a useful way to find other messages.

Hashtags on Pinterest

Hashtags have not been used on Pinterest for a long time. Adding hashtags to Pin descriptions was really not done. Pinterest initially indicated they weren’t a fan of hashtags.

They said hashtags on their platform didn’t work like they do on other platforms and would only confuse users. If you use them, it would even be harmful to your reach.

That changed in September 2017. Hashtags on Pinterest are now allowed!

Discover new ideas with hashtags

When you click on a hashtag in a Pin description you will see all pins that have used the same hashtag in their Pin description. In this feed with hashtag results, the latest pins with this hashtag are shown first.

How hashtags work on Pinterest

Hashtags let you find even more new ideas on Pinterest, and hashtags help you get visible in the search results.

By adding a few relevant hashtags you ensure that others find your content. Pinterest uses a complex algorithm that prevents your pins from being immediately visible in Pinterest users’ feed or search results once they have been pinned.

Another way to get your content visible to pinners is when they search for a specific hashtag in the search bar. Pinterest shows all pins in the search results with this hashtag added to the Pin description.

Pinners can also click on a hashtag in a Pin description. Pinterest will then show all new pins that have the hashtag in their Pin description.

This is how you use hashtags on Pinterest

Pinterest indicates that you can add up to 20 hashtags per pin. Make sure your hashtags are relevant and match the pin.

Hashtags only work in Pin descriptions, so don’t use them in other places.

The newest pins will appear in the search results. Use a mix of old relevant hashtags such as #cadeautips #cadeauideeen AND time-sensitive or seasonal hashtags such as # Motherdagcadeau #mothersdagtips.

Hashtags on Pinterest are different from hashtags on Instagram. You do not have to add all 20 hashtags to your Pin descriptions. I myself do not add more than 3-4 hashtags.

A hashtag such as # our sleep tips where you fall asleep is not a good hashtag, # sleep tips are much more relevant and are actually used by pinners.

You want to help people who are interested in your content, find your content too. So don’t try to use a popular hashtag that is totally irrelevant to your content.

This is how you choose the right hashtags for Pinterest

If you’re not sure which hashtags to use, go to the search bar and type in the subject to get inspired.

When you type a hashtag via desktop into the search bar, Pinterest will not suggest other similar hashtags. If you type words without a hash in front of the word, you will see suggestions with words.

How do you see the hashtags as shown on the screenshots below? Suggested hashtags are visible via the Pinterest app on my iPhone X. You only see this when you manually add an image via your smartphone.

After your Pin description, type a hashtag you want to use, for example, #bedroom, then you will see more hashtags starting with #bedroom. You also see the number of times the hashtag has been used.

As a blogger, entrepreneur, content creator, company, and brand you can also add your own hashtag, also called branded hashtag. For example, #vtwonen #ikeanederland

Where do you post hashtags on Pinterest

Hashtags are placed in Pin descriptions. I suggest placing the hashtags at the end of your Pin description. Hashtags are clickable on Pinterest, and if you put them at the beginning of the description, chances are that pinners are distracted from saving your pin or even worse, they click on the hashtag and are away from your pin.

Do I have to add hashtags to older pins?

Is it worth adding hashtags to older Pin descriptions? You can, but you should know that older pins are not placed upwards in the hashtag timelines.

Newer pins with that hashtag in the Pin description will appear first.

So you don’t have to spend time adding hashtags to older pins. Instead, you can now start adding hashtags to new pins.

If you want to be found on Pinterest, add 3-4 hashtags to your new pins and keep using them so that your pins come up in the hashtag search results!

What about keywords on Pinterest?

Adding keywords is the most important thing for your Pinterest strategy to get more traffic from Pinterest on your website. Right now, because Pinterest is constantly changing. Who knows how it will go and whether hashtags will become more important than keywords in the future.

Time will tell.

So, this is all you need to know about hashtags on Pinterest.

Do you already use hashtags in your Pin descriptions? Let me know in the comments!

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