Pinterest Marketing Step by Step Guide For Beginners

New to Pinterest? Start here

You’re new to Pinterest, you’ve created an account and are wondering what to do next? In this blog post, I will take you through and explain step by step how to set up your account so that you are ready to get started.

Millions of people use Pinterest every day to find ideas on a variety of topics. Pinterest is a visual search engine that you go to for inspiration. Inspiration for next purchase, a new interior, a sunny holiday, or a delicious vegetarian recipe. For entrepreneurs like you the opportunity to promote your products and services.

Are you new to Pinterest? Follow this step-by-step guide

Let’s start at the beginning so you understand what Pinterest is.

It is important to know what Pinterest is NOT. Pinterest is not a social media channel like Facebook or Instagram. Pinterest is a platform where you go to get inspiration and find ideas.

People go to Pinterest to discover, save, and try ideas. Pinterest is full of inspiring, action-oriented ideas. An idea, also known as a ‘pin’, consists of an image or video, a description, and a link that leads back to the source.

When people click on the URL of a pin, they discover more about the idea and can then take action. This way you get extra visitors to your website via Pinterest.

Use Pinterest for your business

Pinterest was founded in 2010 and quickly became one of the fastest-growing websites. From the beginning I use Pinterest. In the beginning to collect ideas and later in combination with my website and blog. After I pinned images from my website, I saw that I got extra visitors on my blog. Then my curiosity about this special platform was aroused.

I use Pinterest for my business for a number of reasons :
• increasing my exposure
• ensuring interaction with my pins
• more visitors to my website
• extra registrations for my training and services

Think of Pinterest as a long-term investment. You do not see immediate results as you see on Facebook and Instagram, for example. It takes a while for Pinterest to really get going and over time you will see more and more results. In between, you have the chance of big outliers by pins that go viral. Keep an eye on those pins so you know what’s popular with other Pinterest users.

Sell ​​on Pinterest

To sell effectively, you need content that attracts pinners’ attention for a longer period of time. Of course, you can add pins that refer to pages on your website or products in your webshop. It is more interesting to create content to tell a story and inspire people in their search for products that you offer.

By creating valuable content you make it more interesting for people to click through to your website via your pins.

Create Pinterest account

Start with a standout Pinterest profile – Sign up for a business account and claim your website.

By claiming your website, you confirm that you are the owner of your website. Your logo is also added to every pin that comes from your website and you see what people pin from your website. With a company account, you get access to Pinterest statistics.

For a perfect Pinterest profile, do the following:

• make sure your name or company name is mentioned in your URL. You have room for 14 characters. If your name is longer, make sure you have a recognizable name. My URL is

• add keywords to your company name
• write a great profile description and add relevant keywords
• add a CTA (call to action) in your profile description (link to a free download or your email address)
• mention your location and add the link from your website
• upload a recognizable profile picture or logo that you also use on other social media channels

After verifying and setting up your account, you will immediately proceed to request Rich Pins

Pinterest boards

Create a number of signs that fit your business and are relevant to the services you provide or products you offer. Make sure each board has enough pins to appeal to people and make them curious. Remember that people can choose to follow your entire account or follow some signs. Not every sign is relevant to them.

On my account, I put a sign called ARCHANA.NL and placed it first. You can also create a sign with your name, the name of your website, or name of your company. Only pin your own content or products on this board so that people who find you have direct access to all your content.

Then add a number of boards with topics about which you create content with the right keywords. The example below shows signs that are relevant to my company and website.

Pinterest images

By actively adding pins to your boards, you quickly learn what works and what doesn’t work for your company. It is important that your pins are great and interesting and evoke interaction. Also, make sure your images are ‘Pinterest friendly’.


An image that you share on Facebook or Instagram is not the right size. Pinterest likes longer images vertically because they stand out earlier and appeal to your target audience faster.

Standard dimensions for pins :
• 2: 3 aspect ratio – 1000 px x 1500 px and no longer than 1260
• on Canva you can use their Pinterest template, which has a size of 735 px x 1102 px

Want to learn more about creating great pins? Pinterest has created a guide to How To Make Great Pins that you really should check out.

Pinterest save button for your website

The next step is to make your website Pinable. You do this by adding a ‘Save’ button on your website. This button allows people to save content from your website on their boards.

There are a number of ways to add the Save button to your website :
• by copying and pasting a piece of code that Pinterest makes available, the button will appear on your website
• use a social sharing plugin on your website

Tell your social media channels that you are active on Pinterest! Share the URL of your account and motivate people to follow you.
You can do this via your Facebook page, in a Twitter message, add the link in your Instagram profile, in a message on LinkedIn, via email and your newsletter, etc. There are plenty of other ways you can think of your link share.

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