10 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2020

These Pinterest marketing tips for 2020 will help you to start optimally with your Pinterest strategy for the new year. Pinterest is the ideal platform to bring your content to the attention of a larger audience. More and more companies, brands, and content creators are using Pinterest to increase reach and traffic. If you want to use Pinterest optimally, it is important that you do not make these 10 Pinterest marketing mistakes in 2020.

I have experienced several changes since May 2010. To continue to inspire the more than 300 million monthly users on Pinterest, the platform is regularly updated.

Pinterest in the United States

In the United State, more than 79.43 million people use Pinterest every month. To get the attention of people looking for your products, it is important to focus on what works best.

Pinterest is not a social media channel but a visual search engine.

It is full of images that inspire people in their search for ideas for the next purchase. 93% of active pinners say they use Pinterest to plan purchases. 83% of pinners have bought something after seeing a brand pin.

Timing and actively managing your Pinterest account is extremely important when you want to reach people who make plans and decisions.

10 Pinterest marketing tips for 2020

1. Stop making board covers

You can set a cover for your plates on Pinterest. This way you can visually see immediately what the content of your plate is. Many Pinners have now made it a habit to create and set a custom cover for all plates.

If you have a number of plates that you do this for, it will take you less time than if you make a cover for, for example, 100 plates. To be honest this is a waste of your time. Stop making covers for your Pinterest boards.

Before you know it, Pinterest has made a change and your custom cover no longer fits nicely centered in the image. The most convenient and least time consuming is to set up a photo that exactly reflects the content of your plate and suits your brand.

If you still want to make covers, do this just like me, for the signs that say something about your company and that you want to highlight.

2. Stop constantly repinning existing content and your own pins

Pinterest loves new pins and loves content creators who regularly add new content to their account. Saving existing content and your own pins time and time again on the same boards is a big NO! If you do, you have a chance of being punished by Pinterest’s algorithm.

High-quality content takes precedence on Pinterest. Keeping new relevant content is the most important thing on Pinterest. Create great pins that fit the interests and needs of your ideal audience.

3. Stop changing pin descriptions of your own and other pins

You did your best to write optimal and keyword-friendly texts for your pins. Then you will see on Pinterest that Pinners have completely rewritten your texts.

That is not so neat and not done! If you have ever done this, stop changing pin descriptions.

When is it smart to change or add pin descriptions? Unfortunately, it often happens that you come across images or pins on websites without (alt) texts. If you come across an interesting image or product and you want to save it on your Pinterest account but no text is visible, it is smart to add the text yourself.

What I do then is to enter a pin description myself. I do this by, for example, copying the title of a blog post or a product and pasting it in the description of a pin. I also add the name of the website, blog, or e-commerce store. This way you provide relevant text when the owner of the website has not added it.

4. Stop using illegible fonts

Did you know that 85% of users use Pinterest on a mobile device? You always have the Pinterest app at hand, on the road, or at home, on your smartphone or tablet.

It is therefore important for your Pinterest marketing to ensure that the pins you create for your website are clearly legible. Nothing is more annoying when you look at pins via the app with a text overlay with illegible fonts. Go see for yourself. It doesn’t look and it can’t be read.

Test and see in advance whether fonts with a “beautiful curl” or “handwritten” can be clearly read on a smartphone. Also, check the colors that you use in your pins. White text on a light color background does not appear strong and clear. So pay close attention to that.

5. Stop removing pins

People often ask me if they should remove pins that are not performing optimally. In other words: Do I have to remove pins that have not produced repins or clicks after one or more months?

A few years ago, blogs were written about removing older pins on Pinterest that had no repins. This way you could boost the number of followers. Pinterest itself has not communicated that this strategy works or that you should remove pins without repins at all. Also, this strategy has never been proven.

If you remove pins too early, you risk missing out on future traffic to your website. It can take a while before your Pins are indexed and included in Pinterest’s Smart Feed. Pins with little or no repins can take off at a later stage and get countless repins. Many bloggers have experienced this myself and in the almost 10 years that I have used Pinterest, I have experienced this several times. Who doesn’t want more traffic this way?

Rather look to the future and work on your Pinterest and Pin strategy. You should think about the pins you keep, they are images that you support and inspire people.

The only reason I recommend removing pins is if pins are time-sensitive. For example, if you have had a sale or when a link no longer works and it does not refer to the correct location or pins where you cannot adjust the link.

6. Stop adding hashtags to old pins

When you click on a hashtag in a Pin description you will see all pins that have used the same hashtag in their Pin description. In this feed with hashtag results, the latest pins with this hashtag are shown first.

Pinterest indicates that you can add up to 20 hashtags per pin. Make sure your hashtags are relevant and match the pin. Hashtags only work in Pin descriptions, so don’t use them in other places.

Pinterest is not Instagram. Stop completing Pin description with all 20 hashtags.

Add 2-5 relevant hashtags – including a branded hashtag – that actually say something about the content of your Pin that you know people use on Pinterest too.

Only the newest pins will appear in the search results. If you’re wondering if it’s worth adding hashtags to older Pin descriptions?

You can, but you should know that older pins are not placed upwards in the hashtag timelines. In other words, stop adding hashtags to old pins and rather focus on creating new pins.

7. Stop using low-quality or horizontal images

On Pinterest, you will find the most visually attractive pins. These pins tell a story and make people curious to learn more. Think carefully about the images you store on your Pinterest account.

Do you want to bring your pins to the attention of your ideal customers? Stop using low-quality pins. Pinterest likes new, fresh pins, and high-quality pins. This increases the chance that Pinterest will show your pins more often.

When creating new pins, also focus on the size of a pin. Attractive vertical pins (2: 3 ratio, 1000 x 1500 pixels) take up more space than horizontal pins. This way you are just a little longer in the picture and so you stand out earlier in the Pinterest Feed.

8. Stop coming up with your own board games

Coming up with your own board names is not a good strategy if you want your boards to be shown in the search results on Pinterest. Add keywords in the name of your board. This gives you a better chance that people will find your boards and account. Who wouldn’t want more followers and be found on Pinterest?

9. Stop adding spaces in your board names

If there is one thing that doesn’t look and you shouldn’t be spending time on, it is adding spaces in your board names. It may look “separate” but if you look closely your boards will get very special URLs.

Board name: Kitchen Ideas
Board URL: https://www.pinterest.com/homeeguide/kitchen-ideas/

This doesn’t look like right? So stop adding spaces in your board names.

10. Stop inconsistent storage of new pins

Do you want more success with Pinterest? Do you want more followers and repins? Maybe you also think it is important to get more traffic and sales?

Then stop the inconsistent storage of new pins. It is not realistic to expect to get more traffic if you keep a few photos on your account once a week.

So regularly and consistently post new pins, from your own and other websites, and thus increase your reach on Pinterest. Don’t have time to actively maintain your Pinterest account? 

Tailwind places your pins throughout the day so that you can focus on the growth of your company.

That’s it! 10 Pinterest marketing tips for 2020 to avoid making mistakes that are unnecessary and do not fit within an optimal and successful Pinterest strategy.

Which Pinterest marketing tip will you definitely apply in your Pinterest strategy for 2020? Share it in the comments!