Pinterest Marketing Strategy Tips for Blog Promotion

Pinterest marketing strategy tips for the blogger who want more traffic and sales on their blog. Pinterest inspires millions of people every day to find ideas for a future purchase. It is important for you to know which Pinterest marketing strategies you can apply and which you cannot. Pinterest is a constantly changing platform and keeping up to date is a must for active Pinterest users. In this blog post, I share the most important Pinterest marketing strategy tips.

Pinterest is the ideal place to reach people who are about to make a decision. People are looking for products and services from companies so they can determine what to do or want to buy. Determine or update your Pinterest marketing strategy and get started with the tips below.

What is Pinterest marketing?

Do you want to use Pinterest marketing for your company and reach more people? Start promoting your products and services on Pinterest. You do this by saving images from your website (pins) to your Pinterest account. Behind each saved image is a link to the original website. Pinterest is a visual search engine, and people use the search bar to find new ideas and products. This gives you a chance that people will find your images. When people want more information, they click on the image and end up on your website, product page, or blog post.

Pinterest marketing strategy guide for more traffic

Like no other I understand that sometimes it is a challenge to keep track of all news items and new features on Pinterest. Have you just started using Pinterest or do you want to improve your performance? Read these tips and apply them to your Pinterest marketing strategy. This way you grow your account, you reach more people and you get extra traffic on your website.

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I am active every day in finding ways to get more visitors to my website. Increasing repins and saving from my website to increase my reach on Pinterest is important. Ultimately, the result of these actions should bring me more traffic so that I sell more Pinterest training and services to help entrepreneurs like you with Pinterest.

1. Pin regularly and consistently

Like on other platforms, it’s important to use Pinterest regularly. According to Pinterest, it is better to make consistent and daily pins than to place many pins at once every week. Add new images regularly for several months in a row. This will increase the reach of your pins and build your relationship with an involved Pinterest audience.

By using a planning tool such as Tailwind, it helps you determine the right time to automatically place your pins. Super useful if you have trouble pinching consistently every day.

Do you want to automate your Pinterest activities? Sign up for a Tailwind account via my affiliate link and let Tailwind post your pins daily.

2. Optimize signs to be found

By giving your signs specific and relevant names you make it easier for your target group to find your profile. It’s a missed opportunity if you come up with board games that don’t contain good keywords.

Board names are shown in search results on Pinterest. Therefore choose strong SEO friendly sign names. Then choose a relevant category for each board and add a board description.

3. Show your best boards in the slider at the top of your profile

Set up to 5 signs that you want to highlight to welcome visitors to your Pinterest profile. Your featured boards are visible on your profile via the “Overview” tab at the top and rotate automatically. Show your most important boards in the slider.

I myself have chosen to highlight signs that are relevant to my company and which I specialize in. For example, visitors see directly on my Pinterest profile with which I mainly inspire them.

To set up featured boards on your profile
1. Click on… at the top right of Pinterest and open your menu
2. Click on Settings
3. Scroll down to the “Profile” section and click “Edit” next to the Featured boards ”
4. Choose up to 5 signs to highlight
5. Click on “Save” and save the settings.

Your featured boards are now visible to all Pinterest users on desktop and mobile. If you want to adjust or remove the signs, you can only do this via a web browser. Of course, it is also possible not to show illuminated signs. Do not choose signs so that visitors do not see featured signs on your profile.

4. Create multiple images for the same page

Content creators like you and I want our content to stand out and be found by the ideal audience. Not everyone is the same and that is why it is important to create visual content that appeals to several people. Create multiple images referring to the same source (page). When you write a blog post, create images that look slightly different, visual, and textual, and save them to Pinterest.

Pinterest recommends adding different pin descriptions to increase your chances of becoming visible in the Smart Feed.

Every now and then I update old blog posts and add new images. First, start with your most popular blog posts, optimize them and add different images that you save on Pinterest. Of course, you can also add new pins via the “+” sign on Pinterest.

5. Find more engaged followers

On Pinterest it is not necessarily about the number of followers, it is more important to have engaged followers. The first to see your pins are your followers. The more your followers respond to your content, the more your pins will be shown in other places on Pinterest. For example in the search results, timelines, and recommendations.

There are several ways to bring your profile, boards, and pins to the attention of your target audience:

  • Add the follow button to your website
  • Add the Save button to images on your website and blog posts
  • Motivate your newsletter readers to follow you on Pinterest
  • Also, bring your plates and pins to the attention in your newsletter
  • Ask your followers on social media channels to follow you on Pinterest
  • Give out a folder for your interior or bed shop, also add the Pinterest icon so that people see that you are active on Pinterest.

Actively follow other Pinterest users. Do not follow everyone, but look for users who, for example, also create content just like you. Connect with users who work in the same industry as you and follow companies and brands that share content that fits your business, services, and content.

Interaction (engagement) is important. If there is a lot of interaction with your images on Pinterest, this can not boost your account. Motivate readers of your newsletter and followers on your Instagram account to follow you on Pinterest.

6. Motivate saving images from your website

Don’t forget to motivate visitors to your website, readers of your blog, and newsletter to save images from your website on Pinterest. Add Pinterest-friendly images to your website and blog posts and allow visitors to save your images to their Pinterest account. Or ask people to interact with your content and pins from your Pinterest account

7. Claim your Instagram, Etsy or YouTube account on Pinterest

Claim (confirm) your Instagram, Etsy, or YouTube account so that people can find more of you on these accounts. If you have a Pinterest business account and you claim your Instagram account, for example, you will get access to statistics about all pins saved from your Instagram account. Your profile photo is also visible next to the images saved from your Instagram account.

You get access to interesting statistics and see what people save from your Instagram account and how these pins do. These pins are also included in the “monthly views” on your Pinterest business account profile. Just like pins counted from your confirmed website.

By saving images to Pinterest from your Instagram account, you give Pinterest users the opportunity to get to know you better and follow you via your Instagram account. How nice is that!

It is important to know that your Instagram account must be public so that Pinterest pins of your account can attribute to you.