Pinterest or Instagram: What’s Best For Your Blog?

Pinterest or Instagram? Ever wonder which platform is best for sharing photos? What are the differences between Pinterest and Instagram and how do I use visual marketing for my company? You will find the answers and the difference in this blog post.

Pinterest and Instagram are used for different reasons. Do you want more exposure for your company, share your products, build a community? Then Instagram is best for you.

Do you want to sell more visitors to your website and products? Then Pinterest is the most suitable platform.

It completely depends on what your social media marketing goals are. You may want to use both channels for different reasons.


Pinterest is a visual search engine that millions of people use every day. Via desktop and via the Pinterest app for smartphones and tablets. People looking for ideas for a new purchase. More than 75% of the ideas come from companies like yours.

One of the most popular categories on Pinterest is Home Decor. Inspiring interior and bedroom photos are extremely popular. Do you have a website with photos or a webshop with the product and atmospheric photos? Save photos of your website on your Pinterest account and reach people who are looking for a new box spring or duvet cover.

If you add optimized images to your Pinterest account every day, you are more likely to reach people who are looking for your products. This way you increase the number of website visitors and sales in your webshop or in your store.


Instagram is a visual social media channel where people share photos of what they are currently working on via the Instagram app. The number of Instagram users continues to grow. A suitable platform for your company to connect with your ideal target group.

Frame by frame you increase the awareness of your company. By sharing beautiful atmospheric photos of your products, you stay in touch with your customers and attract new customers.

In addition to your Instagram feed where you share your most beautiful photos, it is also possible to share photos and videos via Instagram Stories. For example, you can take a look behind the scenes, tell more about your new collection, show your followers your showroom, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Difference between Pinterest and Instagram

• lifespan of posts on Pinterest is much longer than on Instagram
• behind images saved from your website on Pinterest, there is a link to your website = more chance of extra visitors to your website
• you don’t have to worry about sharing of selfies, Pinterest isn’t the right platform for that
• you don’t necessarily have to communicate with other people. Pinterest users are concerned with themselves.

• when your Instagram message no longer interacts, it is shown less and less to your followers
• your Instagram profile is the only place where you can add a clickable link
• in one message you can add multiple images
• interaction with your followers is a lot bigger and you can ask and answer questions.

Two great channels where you visually share your products and the story of your company. Determine what’s most important to you right now. What are your goals and what is the need of your target group? Maybe you already use both channels?