The checklist for a successful Instagram feed

Instagram is one of the largest channels used as a marketing channel. You can reach everyone worldwide with it. Do you want to promote yourself, your brand or company? Then a successful Instagram feed is the golden tip. A smoothly running feed depends on the content you share. But how do you get good content? Use the Instagram feed checklist below for this.

# 1 Choose a focus for your target audience

Immerse yourself in your target group. If you’ve created a persona, you can put it to good use here. Ask yourself: How do I arouse the interest of [persona name]? What is your specialty? Let your target audience enjoy your trips, recipes or marketing tips and be consistent in this so that your followers get what they expect.

# 2 Talk to images

If you get social media users to look at your feed, it is important that they immediately get a wow effect. You do this with high-quality images and by ensuring that all images match well. Think of your feed as the ‘shop window’ of your company. People should be able to link your page to a specific topic at a glance (e.g. yoga, animals, clothing, etc.).

# 3 Consider the look & feel

Don’t just be consistent in the images you use, but also pay attention to the look & feel of the entire page. For example, always use the same filter for your images so that the overview looks like a whole.

# 4 Add some attractive text

Add a powerful description to your photo or video. You can let your personality shine through in your description. Let your creativity run free, but make sure that there is a clear link with the photo or video that you post. Provide interaction, for example ask your followers for their opinion, this is how you start the conversation.

# 5 Use strong hashtags

When you post something, the first 15 minutes are the most important. Of course you want your post to be at the top of the overview of your target group. Hashtags are a useful tool to be found better on Instagram. Share relevant hashtags, really look at the content of your post and adjust your hashtags accordingly.

# 6 Tag influencers and brands

If this is the case, it is smart to tag influencers and brands in your posts. Brands like to be tagged. After all, this is free advertising for them. They will receive a notification of this, so there is a chance that these brands will share your post and this may give you more followers and likes. Always try to expand your network as far as possible.

# 7 Add a location

Adding your location also increases your potential reach. So add a geotag to your post. Instagram’s users have the option to search by location and with a geotag your photo will appear in their search results. Do you work from home and do you live just outside the big city? Then you better use that big city as a geotag to increase your potential reach.

# 8 Start the conversation

Do you receive a response to a post? Respond to that. Don’t just like the comments you get, take the time to read and respond. This way you build a connection with your target group and the algorithm also sees this as a big plus!

# 9 Post consistently

The last but golden rule: Out of sight is out of mind. Try to stay active and present. Active users are given priority. So share regularly. Please note that you are not going to share for sharing. Everything that gives your attention grows, including your Instagram feed.