The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags 2020

Did you know that an Instagram post with at least one hashtag has an average of 12.6% more engagement than a post without hashtags? Hashtags are a powerful weapon to reach a large target audience, attract followers in your niche, increase engagement and develop a recognizable brand image.

But how do you really become the king of the queen of social media? We give you some tips on how to use hashtags and how to get more, but also the right followers.

Why are hashtags important?

Hashtags are the sorting process of Instagram, as it were. With about 95 million photos posted per day, it is very difficult for Instagram to efficiently show the right content to the right people. Your photo would, as it were, disappear in the endless photo book called Instagram. Using the right hashtags, your posts will be discovered by users interested in seeing them. It is therefore more likely that the people you reach will actually follow you or respond to your post.

Instagram hashtags for your page

Those who have paid close attention will have read that the correct use of hashtags will help you reach a larger audience and increase your number of followers, engagement. It’s not that just because you use hashtags, your followers will grow naturally. Below you can read how to get the right hashtags for your page.

Keep your hashtags organized

The cheapest way to make an overview of your used hashtags and their results is with an Excel tool. Keep track of which hashtags give the best results and over time you will see which hashtags work best for you. If you don’t want to keep track of this manually in Excel, a tool like Icon square is very useful!

Choose the correct quantity

Many businesses that do well online use seven or fewer hashtags in the post. It, therefore, seems easy to assume that this is the magic number for everyone, but unfortunately, that is not the case. The thing is, you can’t know how many hashtags you need for your posts until you test it yourself. Give yourself a few months to find out and vary from seven to 30 hashtags during this period.

Refine your hashtags

We advise you to use specific and less popular hashtags. This reduces competition. For example, the hashtag #travel is very broad and still displays millions of photos from other users. In fact, too much to be noticed. Travel is therefore a very broad concept. If your photo falls under the hashtag #luxereizen or under #backpacken, use it. Choose a hashtag within the category that gives slightly fewer results, but with which you reach the right target group.

Research what other people hashtagging

An easy way to generate hashtag ideas is to list your followers or competitors and research what hashtags they use in their photos. It can also be extremely helpful to research which influencers in your industry are hashtagging – by definition, influencers are people with a large social media following, so they are clearly already doing something right.

Test related hashtags

When you type a hashtag in the Instagram search bar, Instagram will show you related hashtags. Instagram also provides related hashtags on the next page after you click on a hashtag. This is an easy way to create and try out a longer list of hashtags.

Follow your own hashtag

Finally, another way to use Instagram hashtags for your marketing purposes: follow your own hashtag. For example, if you use your brand name as a hashtag, follow this hashtag yourself so that you can find everyone who also uses your hashtag and therefore talks about you. This is a great way to get in touch with your target audience and develop a relationship with them.