The ultimate guide to writing Instagram texts

Although Instagram is still often seen as a channel that revolves around cool, beautiful and perfect photos, writing good Instagram texts is increasingly important. It is less and less about the perfect picture and much more about content. Not surprising that more and more companies are finding their way to Instagram. But how do you write those great lyrics? How do you ensure that you not only stand out with your image or video but also with your wording? In this article, I’ll share eight tips with you for writing the right Instagram texts.

The growth of Instagram

As an Instagram enthusiast, I use that social medium every day. It is therefore impossible to imagine my life and my company without it. However, this applies to more and more people and entrepreneurs. New com’s National Social Media Survey shows that Instagram is still experiencing the greatest growth of all social media platforms. In 2019, 4.9 million Dutch people used this platform and this year, in 2020, that number will now rise to 5.6 million. Instagram is also number 1 with regard to the daily use of the platform. No fewer than 3.4 million Dutch people use it every day.

Eight tips for writing Instagram texts

So there is an awful lot of profit, literally and figuratively, to be gained when using Instagram. But then it is important to really stand out. And you no longer do that (only) through beautiful pictures or funny videos. The text in your Instagram post is also very important. Because you don’t just want to stand out, you want people to remember you and your company.

Instagram texts tip 1: write a captivating opening line

On Instagram, the image is the first thing anyone sees. He or she is scrolling the timeline and usually decides based on the photo whether the attention lingers. Then comes the opening line, or the title of your Instagram caption. They will not see more than one or two lines either, because if they want to read more, they must first click on “more”.

Without a good opening line or title, you will lose readers. This does not only apply to books, news items and blogs, but also to social media posts. In a faction of a second, your potential reader decides whether to continue reading or scroll to the next post in the timeline. So make sure that title excites the reader.

Tip 2 Instagram caption: longer texts

A few years ago you got away with just posting a photo and possibly putting hashtags in the post itself. Sometimes you placed an emoji or asked a question and that was reason enough to get many responses. Now that has changed completely, which is not surprising since the number of users has increased enormously. It is now almost a day’s work to view, like and comment on all the photos of those you follow. New work and that is why people have become much more critical. Either the photo has to be absolutely amazing and appealing, or the text.

And then you no longer get there with a sentence or a few emojis. Longer texts keep the attention and also ensure that more content can be read, both literally and figuratively. Sharing real value is important and that is often easier with a longer text. How long such a text should be is still under discussion. It certainly also differs per industry and target group. I myself write quite long texts and occasionally a bit shorter. But my lyrics always consist of more than 70 words. Those are five rules. Good to do, right?

Instagram texts tip 3: add a call-to-action

A call-to-action ensures that people know what to do. If you want people to respond, it is smart to trigger that too. Without a question or other form of CTA, they do not know what you expect from them and there is a good chance that they will still scroll through. I sometimes ask myself when I write a post with tips if people want to share it with others. I then point them to the ‘flyer’ with which they can share it privately or put it in their Instagram Stories. If I don’t ask this, the chance is much smaller that it will happen.

Tip 4 Instagram texts: use hashtags

Don’t forget the hashtags while writing your post. Whether you put them in the post itself or as a first response that does not matter. But writing a post is not possible without hashtags. These ‘keywords’ are not only there to attract new followers. They are also used by Instagram to determine the content of your post, that way they can show it to the right people.

Instagram captions tip 5: use @ -mentions to increase your reach

Another way to increase your reach is to use mentions in your text. In other words, you mention someone in your Instagram post. Think of a competitor, a business buddy, but also customers or someone you really look up to. For example when you have read a book by someone. If you mention the person in your post, you will not only generate trust from your followers, but the person concerned will probably also share your post with his or her own community. So it is a very simple way to get the greatest possible impact.

Tip 6 writing texts: dive into the statistics

When writing texts for Instagram, it is important to dive into the statistics in the meantime. Because how do you know if your texts deliver what you want them to deliver? Trying things out and sharing value is great, but how do you know if you are achieving success? Right, by setting goals and then checking the statistics to see if you have achieved them. Maybe you want twice as many responses in a month. When you neatly update your statistics every week, you can see whether your response numbers are actually increasing. If they fall then you know that something has to be done.

Instagram texts tip 7: use emojis

Although you do not want your Instagram caption to consist entirely of emojis, it is smart to use them. Namely, it adds a little personality to your writing tone. Emojis are a universal language in online communication and provide a fun and lighter text. It is good to use them regularly but do not overdo it.

Tip 8 Instagram captions: provide structure and blank lines

When you get started with valuable writing for your Instagram posts, do not forget the breathing pauses, or the blank lines. Texts that are written in one piece, it has been proven, are read little or not at all. However, ensuring blank lines on Instagram is something that unfortunately many people still run into. That’s why I wrote a blog in which I explain a number of ways to create blank lines on Instagram.

With these eight tips you will go a long way towards the perfect Instagram texts that touch and activate your target group. However, if you are still getting stuck on the piece of inspiration then my Content Creation training might be something for you. During this five-day training I will teach you how to get endless inspiration for your content in a convenient and systematic way. Whether for Instagram, for Facebook, for your blogs or newsletters.