This way you get blank lines on Instagram

I regularly give away content tips via social media and my blogs. One time it is about writing texts, another time about how you come up with ideas, and much more. One of my tips is about keeping your text organized. By using paragraphs, blank lines, lists, and bullets, among other things. In a blog, these things are done in no time, but on Instagram, on the other hand, it is not that easier to create blank lines or paragraphs. At least it wasn’t. It is now a breeze.

I will explain in this blog how I take care of paragraphs. However, there are several ways, so I will also mention this one.

Blank lines on Instagram

I see it regularly on Instagram. Long pieces of text without a single line of white in between. I hardly ever read those kinds of texts. Fortunately, there are more and more people who understand that, so you now regularly see that dots are used to create the next paragraph. Or you see all kinds of emoticons. One always uses a flower to get a kind of blank line, another a heart.

That is of course a great solution. Especially those emoticons. That stands out and works well nine times out of ten. Would you rather have a real blank line without dots and emoticons? That is also possible.

Blank lines on Instagram – way 1

The “easiest” way to indicate a paragraph on Instagram itself has not been around very long. That’s because Instagram made it impossible to do this for a long time. There was always another way, but this one is rather cumbersome. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that difficult anymore and you can do it on Instagram itself.

Step 1 for blank lines

Click on the plus sign in your profile to post a new photo. Choose a photo and click on “next”. If necessary, give your photo a filter and click “next” again. There you can enter a text.

Step 2 for blank lines

Type the text you want in this screen. Do you want to make a blank line after typing a (number) line (s)? Then make sure you do NOT type a space at the end of the sentence. To then get a blank line (enter), click (2x) on the RETURN button. You can find this button with the punctuation marks. See image below.

And that’s it! That way you have created a blank line and you can continue typing. However, make sure that there is no space behind any last line/sentence. Not even when you end with an emoticon. Then you also remove the space. Otherwise, the entire text will shift and you will no longer have any white lines.

Blank lines on Instagram – way 2

Should, for whatever reason, fail to do it in a top way, there is one more way.

Step 1 notes & brackets

For this way, you need the ‘app’ notes. That’s where you type your text. To create a blank line you use a trick. Place brackets where you want the blank line. (Copy the brackets below and paste it into a new “note”.)

Step 2 no space

Also make sure that there are NO spaces at the end of a line. In the image below you can see that there is another space at the end of the last sentence. Remove this.

Step 3 parentheses away

Before you copy the text (to paste on Instagram) it is useful to remove the brackets. This can also be done on Instagram itself, but then it is more likely that you will forget it and already post your post. So you do not remove the space between the brackets. But the brackets themselves do. One by one.

Step 4 copy & paste

And then the last step, copy your text and paste it into Instagram. After that you can post the photo & text and you should have created blank lines as well.

Blank lines on Instagram – way 3 (and 4)

Way 1 is one that I use when I want to put a spontaneous post on Instagram. However, the way I use the most myself is way number 3. I use a planning tool. In my case, this is the Later planning tool in which I schedule my posts in advance. So when I type the texts in this app, I don’t have to take anything into account. I don’t have to remove spaces or add parentheses. I type a text in the Later app and schedule it. When my post comes online, I copy and paste the text (I don’t let it come online automatically) and Instagram takes over exactly

Do you not use a planning tool and do you still not like ways 1 and 2 to work with? There is a fourth way, which I never use myself. And that is to use the Caption maker. Open this site on your mobile. Type your text including blank lines in the appropriate box, copy and paste into Instagram.

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