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10 Tips to Update Your Blog for The New Year

The new year has started, A great opportunity to think about where you want to go with your blog and what you want to share with your readers. Will blogging remain a hobby or do you turn your blog into a business? Are you just blogging or are you really blogging about relevant topics for your company? Get started with these 10 tips and update your blog for the new year. Let’s do this!

Blogging. Writing, gaining inspiration, inspiring other people, and sharing knowledge. As a blogger you never get bored. Keeping your blog up to date, promoting your blog posts on social media, and so on. Have you thought about how to show yourself and your blog in the new year?

Update your blog

Increase the visibility of your blog and think about what your blog looks like now and what you actually want to show. Maybe you have a blog right now but would you like to show yourself more? Because you are no longer a blogger who writes “just”. Think of the countless other things you are doing: photography, formatting images, SEO, social media, branding, marketing, etc.

Start the new year well and update your blog with my 10 tips!

1. Update your “About me” page

Do you have an “ About me ” page? Take a closer look at this. Is your profile picture up to date? Read the page again carefully and adjust text where necessary. Have you mentioned your age or your residence or something else that has changed personally? Is the text still correct? Don’t forget to add links to your popular blog posts as well. Before you know it your page is up to date and ready for the new year.

2. Update your bio on your homepage

Now that your “About me” page has been updated, it is just as useful to (re) write your bio (short profile description). Who are you, what do you do and for whom do you do it? Write your text succinctly so that your blog visitors know who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

3. Update your social media bios

Not only your blog deserves an update, but it also thinks of your social media channels. Be creative and also use your new bio text to adjust your social media bios. Make them social media-friendly, add words that say something about your blog, services, or company. Provide the same profile picture on all your social media accounts. This way you are clearly visible and recognizable in the picture.

Do the headers of your social media accounts still fit your blog, website, and services? Replace it where necessary and design your images with the right dimensions, suitable for every social media channel.

4. Update categories and tags

Are you still writing about the topics you created categories and tags for a long time ago? More importantly: Are you going to write about these topics in the new year? Time to research which categories and tags are no longer relevant to you and your blog or company.
Update your navigation menu and add the (most popular) categories. This way visitors to your blog can easily find the topics they are looking for.

5. Update old blog posts (start with the most popular blogs)

If you haven’t done it recently, now is the time. Update old blog posts, adjust text where necessary, add images, and update your blog post. And while you’re at it, also check whether your blog post is SEO and social media-friendly.

Check through your website statistics or Google Analytics what the most popular blog posts are. Give them a fresh makeover and share them again via your social media channels. The way to get extra visitors to your website without having to write new blogs.

6. Determine how you visually share your blog posts on social media

By sharing your blog posts on your social media channels, you show your followers what your blog is about and what you know about. Make your blog and your social media posts more attractive and add an image. Your message or Tweet will stand out and attract new visitors who may be looking for what you are writing about.

Do you want your blog to be consistent, recognizable to your visitors, and look great? Create a style guide (house style manual) for your blog and increase your online visibility. By consistently using the same fonts, colors, and formatting of images on your blog, you create your own style. This way you make your website a pleasure to look at and it comes across as reliable.

7. Add Pinterest friendly images

Are you active on Pinterest in addition to your blog? Or do you want to use your Pinterest account for business in the new year? Now is the time to organize your blog posts as visually as possible so that they are Pinterest friendly. Give Pinterest users the opportunity to save your images to their Pinterest account. Nice way to get extra visitors on your blog and you don’t have to do anything yourself.

Do you find it difficult to make images yourself or do you think the available software in the store is too expensive? One of the well-known free online tools is Canva.

8. Update and rearrange your sidebar

Do you have a sidebar on your blog? When was the last time you actually looked at your sidebar? Is it full of banners, advertisements or outdated information and links? Update and rearrange your sidebar. Add the most popular blog posts to your sidebar. Link to important pages and add banners with information that your visitors should not miss.

9. Check broken links

Are the links on your blog still working? Nothing is more irritating to visitors when they come across blogs or pages that are no longer working. With a Broken Link Checker plugin for your WordPress blog, you check broken links. This plugin scans your entire website and also finds images that are missing. Super handy!

10. Search for topics for your blog posts

Think about what you want to write about in the new year. With the help of Google Analytics and your Pinterest statistics (business account), you can see the most popular blog posts and images on your blog. Make a blog schedule so you don’t forget about what topics you want to write about.
I know what to do before and in the new year 😉

What do you do to prepare your blog, website, or e-commerce store for the new year? Share your comment below. Good luck!